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    Hi All

    Returning memeber here - its been a while since ive played GT, played a bit of GT5 but was mainly last playing GT4. Just picked up a PS4 and GT Sport so starting to play again.

    Last time I was here I think I had a 1998 For Focus 2.0 Ghia! 10 years later i've been through a few cars including

    2005 1.8 Mondeo
    2011 1.6 TDCi Focus
    2013 2.0 Audi A3 (150ps)
    2006 Mazda 6 MPS (originally 256 bhp, then had the engine forged and a GT 3076 turbo so it made around 450 bhp)

    I now have a 2007 Audi S6 V10 Avant and a 2008 Golf GTi Edition 30 thats is "stage 2+" (I hate stage terms but I guess its a pretty fixed path for these)

    Enough chat - some pics!

    The Golf:


    Modifications are;

    High Pressure Fuel Pump
    VWR Intake
    APR Downpipe
    Scorpion Exhaust
    Short Shift Kit
    VWR Springs with Bilstein Dampers
    RS4 Fuel Return Valve
    R8 Coilpacks
    Anti Lift Kit
    GFB Diverter Valve
    Runner Flap Delete
    Uprated clutch
    APR Tune

    The edition 30's were similar to the standard MK5 Golf GTi with a couple of differences - Pescara alloys, tartan interior, golf ball gear knob, limited production run with numbered plaque. They also came with a stronger engine (BYD code) and the Larger K04 turbo and injectors as on the Audi S3 and MK6 Golf R. It currently makes around 385bhp and tries to put it down through the front wheels. When it can find traction it's hilariously fast and its really good fun to take down some backroads.

    The S6


    This is it stickered up at one of the Mulsanne chicanes after our trip to Le Mans


    There are very few of these in the UK - under 300. They are often said to have a detuned Lamborghini Gallardo engine. This isnt true and they share very little with the early Gallardo's V10. The Lambo engine at the time used 88mm bore spacing compared to the 90mm bore spacing this engine used. HOWEVER - later on when Lamborghini moved to the 5.2 V10 as in the Gallardo LP560-4 this engine is mechanically the same (although I believe better spec'd to provide the higher rev range and power output), same with the R8 V10.

    Its not a particularly quick car, it will however keep up with most of the new hot hatches. The golf will quite comfortably pull away from it whilst rolling. Its also not exactly nimble weighing over 2 tonnes. It is however very relaxing to drive and exceptionally well composed and stable. Its great for long distance and as a general workhorse. Towing a caravan with it and you can still out drag most things on the road :lol: I;ve had it for over 3 years now and I just can't bring myself to replace it.

    The sound is fantastic too

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