Reverse driving with Logitech wheel.

Discussion in 'GT5 Prologue' started by GTracerRens, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. GTracerRens


    Hi guys,

    I play GT5P with the logitech driving force GT. I play on manual transmission. But when I have to reverse the car, I have to use the triangle button. Does anyone know a better button or option to set reverse? In Colin MCRae DiRT, you have to shift down till R, that's much better...
  2. Jay

    Australia Australia

    Not possible to do that in GT5P, hopefully GT5 will change this.

    Although with the G25 you can select reverse with the H patten gate.
  3. balang_479


    As you reverse 0.00001% of the time i dont think its that much of a majour issue. But shift dont to R would be a little better,
  4. Blitz187

    Netherlands 020 A'dam

    I use the paddle shifters... so I have reverse dialled in on the gear shift lever... :) pull it back and its reverse, push if forward for handbrake :D
  5. GTracerRens


    That's also an option, but not really what I want. And I like the gear stick so much instead of the paddles. It aren't paddles, more buttons though. :p
  6. Tired Tyres

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    You can't have reverse on a sequential shift unless it's on a dog leg. It's a safety issue. Blitz187's idea was the best one I've heard though.
  7. viejaloca


    Speaking of shifters, my shifter is loose and it always downshifts on its own when the wheel shakes. can anyone tell me how to fix this?
  8. DJW_GT


    And on the topic of reversing.... With the DS3 the traction control kicks in whenever I try to reverse (even though I never use driving aids). Any way to fix this? As I believe it truly hinders my GT5p experience...
  9. 1337rice


    I don't think that's the traction control, isn't it the clutch?
  10. Andrew C


    I think Ebay has replacements. Just search logitech G25 and it should come up.
  11. Jay

    Australia Australia

    I know it is annoying, just like when you go into the grass it kicks in. This was not present in the GT5P demo but when GT5P came it was, you can't remove it but hopefully you can in GT5.

    Probably not the G25 he is talking about.
  12. DJW_GT


    Hmm, I'm sure it is possible. I've spoken to people who said that they didn't have tc when reversing (who also used the DS3).
  13. Jay

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    Well if you ever find out how be sure to report it here.
  14. DJW_GT


    Will do:tup:
  15. L_Hamilton

    Japan Kyoto

    I believe there is a nut or bolt that screws into the bottom of the shifter and you can prob see it from the bottom. Check if that's missing.:tup:

    Hope this helps.
  16. No46_TheDoctor

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    I have mine the other way round, cause i pull the handbrake in my car and reverse is sometimes "down and away" in some cars, works for me.