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    Got Grid: Autosport recently. Not gonna lie. I wasn't wowed at all. I've seen better graphics on PS3, GT6 has better graphics. Now after half a week of playing (utilizing my G27 wheel and FFB), I grew more and more to like the game and realize, it's the depth to the game that makes it a solid game. I come to the conclusion, I've been enjoying the experience. This game does many things right for the genre and for that I am grateful. I'll list what I like and what I think Codemasters should improve upon to really get the series noticed, if they are to make another Autosport game.

    Preface: People are wondering about plans for a GRID 4 but personally, seeing the direction GRID2 took, and how much I like this game, I'd be happy to see a GRID Autosport 2 rather than another Grid game with the arcade, drift-every-corner handling model. Here talk about various aspects of the game and I compare them to other games I play/have played extensively.

    What could be improved/added in order of Priority:
    1. FFB, whilst it's not as lackluster as the original GRID or NFS Shift, it could do even better with improvement, especially when GT6 can feel a league better at times. Though that's not to say the FFB here is bad, rather that it can be further improved. What exists isn't bad at all but it's not spectacular compared to what you can find on PC simulations. As to be expected. I find it perfectly adequate once you tweak it to your style, and more-importantly it's raceable. FFB has some detail, there are some options to tune it. Overall I would've liked to see a little more road/tyre/suspension/forces feedback detail and more customisation for these specific details. That's just me.
    2. Adding pitstops to the game. There are none. Endurance races would've benefited.
    3. Having Option to Adjust FOV and seating position, for interior Views. Fixed interior views we have right now is fine for me but others that have different setups may want to tweak these to race properly. An option to do so would open it up to more sim players.
    4. Adding Burnouts to drag mode (feels a little weird without)
    5. Graphics. It does not look as good as Grid2, it looks to be a minor step down. Few framerate issues sometimes. I'd be happier with solid framerate and more AA. Also brightness setting in addition to Gamma would be nice. Otherwise graphics are decent, good-looking at times.
    6. Addition of a deeper story element. (Note I haven't completed the game but it does feel a tad grindy atm. Race after race, new cars and tracks though.) No typical story-driven cutscenes in this game, I'm not too fussed. Some may want them. I can see how it would've been a bit difficult to implement. I can't help but feel that this game is lacking a little soul, a little deeper story. Great racing, great game, but lacking story and interesting narrative? People that are used to games with stories will likely look elseware. People that watch a lot of TV shows and Netflix, will likely look elseware. Either way this is on the bottom of the priority list. Interesting to think about because Simulations on PC are widely accepted as not needing a story at all. The simulation is the whole game, no narrative necessary. The sims are cutting-edge and fill a specific niche. Arcades and simcades however almost always require one. Then again, this could all be some mysterious placebo effect because I picked the game up 3 years after launch, not feeling the hype, or was there none?. Analysis Paralysis, as a friend of mine would say.

    What I like about the game:

    • At first I noticed the AI was quite different from Gran Turismo, they would actually battle each other for positions, rubbing and all, no brake-checking, no single-file racing. It's actual, true-to-life Pack Racing. The more I played this game, the more I began to appreciate the AI. In Autosport this is one of the things that makes the game stand out. AI will see you, give you space but isn't afraid to take the better line if you back off. You also have to watch your line so you don't step out, causing a collision. It's also fun to see an AI car randomly get a flat, sparks fly, you overtake him whilst the rest of the pack also overtake him. This doesn't happen often but stuff like this adds to the feeling that every race is a new slate. No race feels too similar to another. It's quite dynamic like that. The well-done damage model enriches the experience.
      • Interesting to note Very Easy to Hard AI doesn't change their speed so much as their aggressiveness and likeliness to take you out. Unexpected.
        • Unnecessary nitpick: Very Easy AI should drive 5mph slower. However, as it is I've come to like it, because you're not going to blast by the game on Very Easy then call it "a bore". Not gonna happen hahaha.
    • Penalty system. Best system I have seen on console. It's fair. Only wish flag rules existed for car collision. There is none. Hope to see in future under the difficulty menu adding upto 30% XP bonus for full flag rules, implemented across all cars. Would be nice to turn it up, for the more seasoned racers.
    • Physics. I would go so far as to say that the tyre model and physics simulation is actually better than Gran Turismo 6. And not just a bit better. It's a league better imo. Why? It feels like you're driving a real racecar. The cars aren't nearly as planted as in GT6. Hitting a gravel trap, with a single wheel is brutal, as it should be. The loss of grip is also a realistic thing, unlike GT6 which does feel more like light switch at times. I have no complaints about the Physics, I find it to be almost completely realistic, to an extent I'd call this game more of a sim than simcade experience. Playing with a wheel (G27 or better) is a must however. I don't play on a dualshock controller so can't vouch for that but I'm sure it should be easy to learn, hard to master as usual with Codies games.
    • Flashbacks. For learning the tracks and for fun, having it set to 3 or 4 or less per race can really make you more focused on the racing and pushing yourself to your limits. You can turn this completely off for a more hardcore simcade experience however. Well- implemented feature.
    • Sounds. No complaints. Exhaust crackles and backfires are nicely done. So nice to hear, coming from stale GT6 audio. I especially like the dynamic tyre squeals. Great samples, mixed quite well. Something I cannot say is true for GT6 and even the well-adored simulation, Assetto Corsa. I am thoroughly impressed by the realistic tyre sounds in this game. Attention to detail, brilliant.

    • Have yet to try Multiplayer. Have only dabbled in the Career mode thus far.
    • Music/soundtrack. I don't have a comment yet, since I turned it all down haha.
    My take on common complaints:
    • Interior views not nearly as detailed or beautiful as the Grid 1. I agree. However, for racing, you don't need it to look stunning. You pay little attention to it anyways. It's something that can be improved but I'd rather Codies focus on other features that are of more importance. I find the interior views adequate. Project CARS and Assetto Corsa will do if you want the best interiors to look at. Then there's Driveclub if you'd like an Arcade racer with stunning interiors, even today.
    • Abrupt FFB loss when you aren't racing on the track/in menus. Can be annoying to have the FFB "switch" on soon as the game gives you control of the car. GT6 had this right.
    • Difficulty Settings, specifically Bonus XP:
      • You should have SIGNIFICANT XP BONUS from setting Race Length to 2x,3x,5x otherwise there is little incentive to race longer races with more laps. And it's these longer races, where more strategy is involved is when the racing shines the most. I'd say +30% XP Bonus for 2x race length, +70% for 3x and +150% bonus for 5x race length. May seem a little out there, however it is justified when at 5x a single race can take a whole half hour! Additionally if a player little/zero flashbacks, then that player really has to be on top of their game, pushing themselves to make it to the end in one piece let alone top 3! Good, hard racing should be rewarded!
      • Racing Line=Corners only should give +2% XP. Racing Line OFF should give +4% XP
    TL;DR: Would I recommend this game? Hell yeah. Rent it if you're a casual racer or new to racing games. Own it if you're looking for a solid, realistic racer. It's beginner friendly but difficult to master. It's versatile. It has drifting and grip racing modes. Nice tracks, nice car selection. Racing games could take a few tips from Grid Autosport. Most importantly the actual racing is fun, it's better than Gran Turismo has ever been in that regard and it's very immersive. I rate Grid Autosport 8/10 as a game and 9/10 as a simcade. IMO, the 1star user reviews across the web are from GRID fans that played GRID2(no cockpits) who cannot wrap their heads around the lack of detailed cockpits in Autosport. Is that really a reason to give a game 1 star rating? No. lol. If they actually forced themselves to play Autosport without bias, they would find it to be a solid simcade racer with a touch of realism for good measure.

    I reccommend Autosport. Would I recommend Grid 2? No. It's far too basic of a handling model to enjoy the racing. That game is only for the most casual of racers it's mostly the eye candy that draws you in, the drift-to-win arcade handling pisses you off, then you go play Autosport. Though some fans of GRID1 will find GRID2 likeable, just not the majority due to the overly-simplified childlike handling. Autosport is, objectively, the better game.

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