PC RHU 2.4 Hours of Le Mans August 31st 17:00 PST

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  1. Suzumiya


    United States
    Hi there! I'm holding a special event in a series of other special events that I plan to run on PCARS2 PC! For this the race will be at Le Mans for 2 hours and 15 minutes. Something common yet still fun for all :D

    This race is aimed at all skill levels and we just want to have fun! We will be driving the LMP1 2016, LMP2, and GTE classes. Most of the stuff we do will be hosted on our discord server and will be utilizing a mod for custom liveries. We also have multiple practice sessions to help others get setups up and running.

    Must be able to withstand: Hyperactive weebs, super unfunny puns, and a chill attitude

    All the details can be found in the Google doc. We're also at https://discord.gg/D8fRhKT

    When joining the server please read the rules and keep all talk of the events to #slightly-mad-talk.

    We hope to see a lot of people come the 24th!