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    I took some photos and i like to do it so here are a few of my cars that i took for a spin today and made a pohtoshoot with them.

    Ford Raptor
    Ford raptor &.jpg
    1001 HP AWD
    Ford raptor 2.jpg Ford raptor 3.jpg Ford raptor 4.jpg Ford raptor 5.jpg
    And the beautiful green agera
    Kongegsigg agera front.jpg Kongegsigg agera side back.jpg
    And last the Mercedes SL 65 AMG Black Series
    merc sl 65 on autobahn.jpg merc sl 65 back 2.jpg Merc sl 65 back 3.jpg Merc SL 65 Back.jpg merc sl 65 front.jpg Merc SL 65 INside.jpg merc sl 65 side.jpg merc sl 65 v12 biturbo.jpg
    This is for now i will keep you guys updated :)
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