RIDE 4 is coming!

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Milestone is going to continue one of its weirdest series (more on that down below) at some point during 2020 (I expect Summer or Fall). Read more about it on their official website. They have announced a partnership with Yamaha, which probably means we will have A LOT of them on this game.

Even though RIDE 4 is going to become the 4th game of the RIDE series (DUH!), its origins can be traced back to the PS2 years. Technically, it all started with Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo, a game that had features such as rewinding (1st racing game to have it), psyching out (like in R:Racing but this time you suffer from it too) and some RPG elements depending on what gear you wore. Shortly after, Milestone released a direct sequel to SCAR called Evolution GT (now with cars from several manufacturers) and a very similar game but with motorbikes called Superbikes Riding Challenge. They even used the same engine to make the very awkward Super PickUps, literally the only ute-exclusive game I have ever heard of. After that, we had to wait for over 7 years until the original RIDE came along.

How is RIDE related to SCAR or even SRC? Same company, same names for the opponents (the game's devs) and some of the weirder bikes from the RIDE games appeared before in SRC.

PS: Am I the only one that misses the fictional road racing courses that used the shape of REAL tracks? On the PS2 games there were fictional tracks with the shape of Phillip Island, Nurburgring, Kyalami, Imola, Osterreichring (Red Bull Ring now) and more.
The game's main new features seem to be tyre wear, fuel consumption, dynamic lighting effects (Unreal Engine 4 is supereasy for that), MotoGp-style AI and not that many bikes (less than 180 to begin with, compared to RS:II's 300+ in 2003 on PS2).