Ride 4 really hard.

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I am playing Ride 4 since 2-3 weeks and I notice that is very hard and I don't understand why they did it so hard. All people must be in the conditions to reach third place, but for some events is impossible. Milestone think that all users are Valentino Rossi, wrong. I can't make Superbikes and Endurance because I can't get licence. Yesterday I wrote Milestone that I want my money back. Some friends sold it for half price, and they did right. Ride 2 and Ride 3 were not easy, but Ride 4 is unplayable, I payd 49 Euros and can't complete the game. Never again milestone games. I play racing games since PS2 and never happen that I can't complete a career.
yeah, I am also struggling playing it. I am trying to learn how to drive a Bike, but it is really hard even on Very Easy i don't win all the time. But it is satisfying when you get this right.
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I play on 40% (Easy) AI difficulty with a gamepad and get first in most races. The 1000+cc sportbikes are harder to me, but on smaller and slower bikes (250-500 cc naked/sports and supermotos) I win even too easily and probably should try a higher difficulty. Although I'm not a motorbike guy at all. Never rode one myself IRL. I only had a ride on a Jawa as a passenger when I was a kid. :D

Keep in mind that bikes are harder to turn than cars, you have to start entering a corner earlier than you would do on a car. And when you are in a corner and there's a next one coming, you have to prepare for that next one in advance - because you can't change your direction as fast as a car.

I don't regret buying this game with a discount. Yes it's hardcore AF, but it gave me some new experience. It even made me want to get a motorbike license IRL... If only RIDE 4 wasn't bugged like this, it would be just great.