Rio de Janeiro Street Circuit

Considering that South America only has Interlagos representing the continent. Considering that Brazil is a country with a strong tradition in motorsport and a country endowed with beautiful landscapes, highlighting the city of Rio de Janeiro, known as the "Wonderful City" for its peculiar beauty. Considering the identity and tradition of the Gran Turismo franchise to create fictional street circuits based on public roads of famous cities and postcards. And considering the current and official tendency of PD to choose beautiful landscapes for the original Gran Turismo circuits, I idealized a street circuit for Rio de Janeiro.
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Length: 6,400km

Turns: 16

It's a high-speed circuit with just four low-speed corners.

The track is located in the neighborhoods of Botafogo and Flamengo.


The main straight (a curved straight, like Monaco and Long Beach) is on Nações Unidas avenue. The start is in front of the headquarters of Botafogo, the famous football club. After the start, we go straight to the tunnel under Morro do Pasmado, after passing through the tunnel we turn left. Now we will go around the hill in a V-shaped path along Avenida Pasteur, until we reach the Carlota Joaquina viaduct, passing over the main straight. After the viaduct, we will enter the opposite straight, called Praia do Botafogo avenue (parallel way to the two main roads of Nações Unidas avenue). Then we go to a chicane to slow down, following a big crooked straight and then we arrive at the great outline of Morro da Viúva (Widow's hill).

After the small hairpin turn at Nicaragua square, head towards tree-lined Oswaldo Cruz Avenue, heading towards the hook of Cuauhtemoc square. Then follows the route to the improvised “S” that converges with Infante Dom Henrique avenue. Finally, it continues at very high speed making two large "S" curves, which can be made flat in Gr.1 and Super Formula cars, and finishing the lap at 6,400km.

To take advantage of the panoramic view of the famous Pão de Açucar (Sugarloaf Mountain), I improvised two "S" curves at medium speed to make amends and return to Nações Unidas avenue, locally called Infante Dom Henrique avenue, from where it is possible to see the visual magnitude of the Pão de Açúcar and Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer), which are fully visibles in the third sector of the race track, one to the west and the other to the northeast, according to the pilot's vision.

The pits can be adapted in the second lane of Nações Unidas avenue.
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Reta Principal.jpg
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Below are the website images for visual reference.
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