RUF 3400 at Spa, changable weather. 5th December, 8pm GMT.

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    Hi folks, the wife's at Book Club tonight, so I'm having a run through of an event I'll be putting on in January: Ruf 3400, stock on S/S tyres at Spa. And it'll probably get wet at some point during the 22 laps.

    This is a test, to be frank, just to ensure that the motor remains controllable enough to allow decent racing when the surface gets greasy, to see how tyre wear is on 'fast', and get a sense of how much variability there will be with the weather set at 3X.

    Myself and a couple of GBRC regulars are going to give it a spin, and you're welcome to join us if you like.

    ABS will be allowed, but that's it, and damage will be set at light. The surface will be dry to start, but, with the weather already at 70%, it could get wet pretty quickly, who knows.

    Cheers, Zo.
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