Running X2019 and Super Formula on Off-Road Tracks vs AI

Not sure how many people are aware of this but there is a bug in Custom Races that allow you to go off-road with cars that are not intended to

I saw someone posting about it on Facebook but I don't know who or when this was spotted. It only works in Custom Races and against AI, but still a lot of fun and can yield some awesome photos

Here are the steps to do it:
  1. Create a Custom Race on Tarmac track
  2. Set Opponents from Garage
  3. Pick the non-off-road cars you want to race against
  4. SAVE the Race Settings
  5. Change into the car you want to drive off-road (has to have dirt tyres on)
  6. Create a new Custom Race on off-road track
  7. IMPORT the Race Settings you had saved before (this will import all opponents and cars)
  8. Start the race and have fun :)
This is very similar to the Rain on All Tracks bug we had back in the day, where you could have rain on any track by switching tracks in a Custom Lobby

Here is a preview of what kind of weird stuff you can do:

Hope you guys enjoy it :)
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A few more photos from the bug


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I've been playing with this for a long time, and even though they are racing cars on gravel, some of them drive quite decently.
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