S700 Nissan GT-R '10 Speed Tune

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Well I've managed to put together a reasonably fast GT-R build, but it still can't hold a candle to the Viper build on my storefront (II icelt II). Partly a shameless plug, seriously that Viper can 🤬 fly :D, but really more than that it's the simple truth. I was really hoping the GTR could hang with the Viper, but if it can I sure haven't found the setup. Anyway this build is still plenty fun with a soft enough suspension to make hitting the odd curb or two not a complete disaster. Also the car is plenty fast in a straight line, it's just lacking aero when it comes to the high speed corners. As before, if anyone discovers some good tweaks please share.

Best Times:
Suzuka GP - 2'01's
Sunset Full - 1'26's

629 hp
569 lb-ft
3,682 lbs
57% front

0-60mph: 2.62"
0-100mph: 5.75"
Top Speed: 213

60mph-0: 127'
100mph-0: 318'

60mph sp: 1.23g
120mph sp: 1.29g

Parts - install value 153,460 CR:
Engine & Power:
Race Intake, Race Fuel, Race Ignition, Race Exhaust, Race Displacement, Race Pistons, Race Intercooler, Race Oil

Platform & Handling:
Race Springs & Dampers, Race F/R Antiroll Bars

Sport Transmission, Race Differential

Tires & Rims:
Race Tires, 285/315 F/R Tire Width, 21" F/R Wheel Dia, Weds TC 105 wheels

Race Wing, Race Front Bumper, Wald Rear Bumper, Wald Side Skirts

Tires - 28psi/29psi
Gears - 3.3 fd
Camber - -1.1/-0.9
Toe - 0.0/-0.1
Caster - 5.1
AR Bars - 1/30
Springs - 622.6/616.6
Ride Height - 5.0/5.1
Rebound - 9.6/9.4
Bump - 1.8/1.7
Aero - 141/233
Brakes - 48%/90%
Diffs - (front) 20%/0%, (rear) 30%/20%, (center) 65%

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