Sample Tracks: Test Drive still possible

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    Some may be still aware of this, others may not, I do not remember seeing anyone mention it. If it has been mentioned, then this thread should be locked.

    However, I recently went to view some replays of custom tracks I had made before the servers were turned off. And found something interesting, if you scroll down to the bottom of options. You have photos, replays, etc., but at the very bottom is "tracks". You can choose between "custom" and "sample". Custom will give you the typical error message when trying to access anything needing online. But, selecting "sample" will show you the 4 tracks PD gave with the Tack Path Editor. Selecting and opening any of the 4 tracks, will then allow you to Test Drive that track with the car you are currently driving.

    You can not race, nor will it keep a leaderboard like Arcade, but you can still drive and record lap times of you wish.

    Personally, was not all that crazy about most, but, if you are looking for something different.........
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    I noticed this as well the last time I fired up GT6.
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