Samsung TV QLED

Hi so any tech heads here on GT Planet, just curious about my Samsung 4K HDR QLED TV model number QA75Q75RAWXXY, I was very lucky as this tv was a free upgrade due to my other Samsung 4KHDR tv had issues and had mother board replaced and it still did the issue, which was during gaming, Xbox one S at the time or PS4 Pro it would turn on and off :(, So Samsung replaced it with what I have now a QLED as there was no like for like with my previous model (2018 tv).

Its a really good tv i like it a lot very smart easy to use and picture quality is good and for gaming too its fantastic, I have been on to look for some good picture settings for normal tv and game mode, I also want to reduce eye strain as they get sore after awhile, using a warm mode at the moment.

My question is will this be a good tv for Series X next generation of console?, I also cant afford to upgrade at the moment to HDMI 2.1 and also do not want to due to this TV in good working order :).

Thanks for Help

Also if you have any good settings for it please share thank you :)