Sanji's Chinese Motorcycle

United States
Azle, TX
I am currently repairing a (technically speaking) a Jonway YY150T-2. This motorcycle (as defined by the State of Texas) is going to become my personal ride as the guy that I got it from just gave it to my dad, and he didn't have time to fix it, and so it falls on my hands to get it running.

To Do List:
1. Replace the battery
2. Check electrical. Replace what is necessary.

I'll update this thread with project updates.
Here is the first pictures of the bike:

45 d.JPG

Here it is from the front off-center. As far as I can tell, the bike needs some cosmetic work in regards to replacing one or both of the rear-view mirrors (the one that is standing has a crack in the glass, so it might be cheaper to replace the whole thing.)


Here it is from the side. You can more clearly see the mirror issue, and I can already tell that this might need a respray. I am more inclined to keep the original black color.

Here it is from the rear. I might need to rework the lights on the rear (the same thing might happen on the front), but other than that, the rear looks pretty much fine.


The front. The paint looks better from this view than it did from the side view.
Pics incoming once I can get them off my camera.

This is my four month update. Disassembly is over. I got some of the body off so that I can access the motor. I am a bit disappointed that my internet research didn't turn up anything on a Shanghai Shenke SL150-6, which is the name slathered all over the bike. I have now turned to Reddit for help.

I also cracked an indicator light trying to stand it up. It won't be a fun fix. Well, it's back to work.