Sardegna 800 RECORD tune 22:38:2 nissan R92CP

Well well ..

I had thought that my 23:11:xx was the maximum for me.
Far from it! 23:03:989 including a few small mistakes. If I practise a bit more, I should finally manage under 23 minutes.

And to top it all off, a fastest lap of 1:28:590 in this race. Otherwise, a lot of 1:29:xx laps.

I'm driving with a controller, automatic transmission and have the braking point assistance active.

Racing Soft Tyres
Lap 1 - FM2
Lap 2 - FM2 until I'm first, then FM3
Lap 3 to the end of lap 8 - FM4
Pit, refuelling and a fresh set of RS
Lap 9 to the end - FM2

Apart from good driving, the challenge is also how the bots behave and how you can lap them. It's different every time.

Good luck and have fun practising

Gran Turismo™ 7_20240330121451.jpg
Thank you! First try with controller, AT and TC1 was 23:30 with some crashes that cost me at least 15 seconds. Best lap on FM3: 1:29,6. FM3 for 8 laps, than FM2 for 7 laps. 23 minutes could be possible for me. Brake bias 0 as my rears get relatively red.

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