Saturday October 4th - Test Race For New F1 2014 Spec Championship

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  1. 332i

    332i (Banned)

    Car - Lotus 97T
    Track - Apricot Hill (Forward)
    Distance - 35 Laps

    Room will open at 11am EST/15:00 GMT/16:00 in London/8am PST

    Practice begins when the room opens. Practice will end 45 minutes after practice begins. Qualifying is a 15 minute session. The race will be, as mentioned above, 35 laps.

    Car specs in accordance to 2014 Formula One regulations and power estimates:
    Power - 860Hp
    Weight - 691Kg

    Room Settings:
    -Dry race
    -No Aides
    -Damage realistic (heavy or whatnot)
    -No tire restrictions
    -Tire wear and fuel consumption = normal
    -draft and track edge = realistic
    -no boost (obviously)
    -tuning open (of course)
    -Penalties OFF due to ghost passing and legitimate race incidents.

    During the season, the race replays will be reviewed and penalties will be handed out. Incidents would need to be reported to me or another steward following the race.

    Please list your @ screen name tag in your post if you wish to join, along with your PSN screen name below it. Teams are welcome, of course. If you are not on a team during the season and wish to be part of one, pm me and we will set you up with another single entry.
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  2. 332i

    332i (Banned)

    I will start:

    GTP @332i
    PSN = yadeegson