Save Big on DiRT Rally 2.0, F1 2018 and More with PlayStation Plus Sale

Got WRC Collection. Am not disappointed in having WRC 6&7 but probably skip 5 until much later.

Snap review... if you're after a rally game then Dirt 2.0, if you're more casual and want to enjoy rallying over the authenticity of the car/tracks then WRC is well worth it. I went from Dirt 1.0 to WRC 7 and found it just a bit more relaxed, so am enjoying it all the more. Limited scope of cars though but living with that.
It’s still to expensive (for me).

The deluxe edition is ~£48 down from £75 in the UK. That’s a crazy price. I’ll bite when it gets closer to £30!

It was never worth £75, even £48 is pushing it imo.

I concur, £48 is way too much, especially for a digital game and one that has recycled content.
I imagine this is only for US users, in France there is no sales on theses... I was about to finally buy F12018 but it is still at full price here.
Too bad