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Hi guys , got this game just a week ago and i'm amazed with the physics in general , even for a ps2 game , can't believe i skiped this when it came out.

Has anyone please got a save file with every car/track unlocked compatible for Ps3, in .psv format?


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Glad you're enjoying the game. :)

We get very few visitors here so I'm afraid you might not find a save file. I don't have a PS3 or memory card device, so I can't help you with that either. But if you can't find someone to help you, here are the ways to unlock the tracks and cars ASAP:
  • Tracks are unlocked by progressing in Enthusia Life. Cars earned in Enthusia Life don't count for other game modes!
  • Reversed tracks are unlocked in Free Race mode. Complete a Free Race without any black flag penalty, for a minimum of three laps at the default AI difficulty, to unlock the reverse version of the selected track.
  • The most efficient way to unlock all the cars is by completing Driving Revolution with S ranks. At certain checkpoints, you'll unlock all the cars up to a particular class.
  • An alternative way to unlock cars is by completing a Free Race without any black flag penalty, for a minimum of three laps at the default AI difficulty. You'll unlock the cars you beat in the race. This is a good way to unlock your favorite cars first -- try to get the game to match you up by driving a car of similar performance.
Thanks for the reply mate , yeah started playing it as it is , sadly there is no save file for ps3 anywhere i looked thanks to the games rarity, but it's great the physics are better than GT6 :eek:
I tried to get one converted for you, but apparently my PS2 doesn't work anymore (since I haven't touched it in 6 years, perhaps not terribly surprising). Sorry, but glad you've enjoyed it so far.


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From a quick google is doesn't seem possible to convert from max files to .psv. However, I imagine if you could get the file onto a ps2 memory card and then use an adapter to transfer it to the PS3, you'd be all set. The problem of course is that you'd need a PS2 and an adapter, and I assume you don't have a PS2 or you wouldn't have this problem.

However, if you can find a friend with a PS2 and an Action Replay Max CD, and got a hold of that adapter, I think you'd manage.

On the other hand, unlocking the cars the long way is pretty rewarding, and if you can ace the Driving Revolution section (easier said than done) you'll have unlocked all the cars anyway.