save game, here we go again

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    Ok, after wandering through all of the internet and back I now know saves are locked to the PSP where they are created and it seems we are stuck that way. Latest posts addressing this are from 2011 so... haven't we found a way to bypass this stupid system now that it's 2019?

    Had to change my trusty (not anymore) 1000 with a 3000 and, thanks PD, I've lost all my progress in the game because of this stupid design decision :(

    My 3000 is on CFW if that helps the matter anyhow.

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    Hi Ryo

    there is a way of loading a PSP save game on another PSP, I have done this myself I took my save game from my PSP 2000 and put it on my PSP 3000 and PSVita.

    But after a few times loading it I noticed that the new save game of my old one stopped working, so I would say best thing to do is use the PSP Cheat device could not find the name of the psp mod to move files it was on youtube