(SBM) SpiderBro Motorsports | FH Cruising, Drifting, Racing club


SpiderBro Motorsports is an upcoming street motorsports club for Forza Horizon. We focus on street racing, drifting, and cruising.

We will hold several types of events, including: cruises, street races, drifting competitions, and car shows. For now, events will primarily be on Friday and Saturday nights around 9 or 10pm EST, specific times are still TBD. Each month we will announce a new track or event for club members to try and beat each other's times on. At the end of the month the club leader will look at the club leaderboards for the specified tracks, and will reward the 1st and 2nd place holders. Prizes will be either cars or paints, they will be specified when the competition is announced.

There will be weekly competitions for things such as painting and photography. The reward will be stated along with the competition, and they will usually consist of cars or paints.

The ranks of the SpiderBro Motorsports club are Leader, Co-Leader, VIP, and member. I am the only leader. The only way the rank of Co-Leader can be achieved is if I (the Leader) find a person fit for the job. The rank of VIP can be achieved my either displaying great loyalty to the club, or donating over 500,000cr worth of cars to the club (the Leader; don't worry, the cars will go towards competition rewards).The benefits of being a VIP are that they help judge competitions, have reserved spots in races*, and get free club paints.

If you are interested, add me on XBL (LegionAa21) or post your gamer tag and I will add you!


Source of name: http://static.fjcdn.com/pictures/Spiderbro_e4c465_1626189.jpg