Scape photos don't show up in activity feed

Discussion in 'GTS Photo Mode & Scapes' started by rideontwo, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. rideontwo


    Hi all. I searched and didn't find a legitimate answer to a recent problem I started having in GT Sport. About 2 weeks ago my scapes photos stop showing up in the activity feed. When I go to the "My Library" I see all photos I have taken which indicates my library is okay, I also see 529MB free in the upper right hand corner. I try to "share" photos and get a "100% uploaded" message but nothing shows up in my activity feed. I also went into the Discover page to see if my scapes photos show up and they don't. I have taken over 2000+ photos, you guys think it could be storage related?

    Also, it seems that I am getting a very small amount of updates, like under 10, in my activity feed from people i have been following. Anyone encounter these issues before?

    Help would be appreciated.

  2. seadog777

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    I haven't had the experience you're having, but I don't have 2,000+ photos. I have seen a couple of posters on Scapes at the GT site not able to post for a while, said they couldn't - they also had big galleries. Is it worth dropping some off the Gallery - they stay in your library (but beware, Decals don't! Scrub from Gallery and it disappears from Library too!)
  3. Islaygaz


    How weird is this?! I was just about to start a thread for this exact issue!

    At the weekend I shared a few pictures and went onto the GT Sport website a few hours later to check my likes and didn't have any :guilty:.

    Next time i booted up GT Sport I noticed the same - they were in my library but weren't showing on my activity feed! When I investigated further, I noticed I had shared exactly 1000 Scapes shots so knew this was the reason.

    Anyway, I've deleted loads off my gallery, so hopefully I can share my latest pics!!
  4. Draggon


    This has been happening to me for a couple of months. I have 2 accounts and follow some of the same people on both accounts. I find that these people can show up in one activity feed but not the other. Even stranger, my activity feed always shows more postings on my laptop than it does in game.