Second DLC available

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In a surprising move the second DLC pack will be available today from the European PSN:
* Ferrari Challenge

o Riviera + 5 Car Pack (£4.79/€5.99)
(contains the following content which is also sold separately)

o Riviera Track (£3.19/€3.99)
o Additional Car – GTO (£1.59/€1.99)
o Additional Car – Ferrari 365 GTS (£1.59/€1.99)
o Additional Car – Ferrari 430 Spider (£1.59/€1.99)
o Additional Car – Ferrari 512m 94 (£1.59/€1.99)
o Additional Car – F50 GT (£1.59/€1.99)

Rating: PEGI 3

Availability: Not available in Italy

All content is known from Supercar Challenge.
Basically, FCTP and SCC are one game. And my best guess is that the first DLC was commercially viable, so they released a second.

What I don't understand is - considering FC sales are still strong in the US - why System3 is totally unable to solve whatever problems they have with their former US distributer (Activision). I gues those problems are preventing the DLC release there, and also the release of SCC.
The issue on the USA is far more complex and involves M$ along other things.

There was a recent game that got Ferrari DLC but it didn't hit the the PSN Store guess why. :) And the DLC had M$ hands on it all over.

Anyway M$ wins every time. Even if they lose they end up conditioning stuff in their favor.
Just purchased both of the DLC's, maybe I'm easily pleased, but I an very happy with both of them. So far just spent some time in the Enzo and GT50 and having a great time. I highly recommend both DLC's.

Also, the more popular they are, the more we will see!!!


Microsoft has an exclusive Ferrari license for Xbox360 (disc+online) but this should in no way affect games/DLC on PS3. Or do you know more?

Just to light up, take the Test Drive Unlimited example.
Xbox & PC has Ferrari's, but no Ferrari's on the PS2 version go figure. :D

Yeah and you may say that TDU was a exclusive (timed) and therefor when moved to PS2 it lose some stuff due to licenses. And you are right. But...
And this is one of the main reasons that FC will never show its foots on a M$ controled platform. The same happens to SuperCar Challenge unless System3 releases the game without Ferrari's on the X360.
Even thought FC started its life on a X360 (development unit). :) :D
Licenses are a pain.:drool::yuck::guilty:

And that is what I was talking about above.
This Ferrari were done long long ago by the development team of Shift for another game. :D (You wonder what game?)

Thought M$ can't produce a Ferrari only racing game. SEGA did it in the past (F355), but due to lots of money and Yu Suzuki's passion for Ferrari/and simulation games and Ferrari knew that. And SEGA still has Ferrari license to produce Outrun games.

The requirements to produce a FC Challenge game is some how very high:
- Be a very respectful Ferrari client (basic spent lots of money in there cars :D) (Mark Cale purchased lots of Ferraris)
- Have a REAL FC team.
- Race a REAL car on the REAL series and do a perfect weekend (Bruno Senna did it for System3)
- And have a nice amount of money to pay the license in the end of all that.

Mark Cale if you(drivatar) don't know is a long time FC driver and Ferrari lover. And is the head over System3 one of the companies that in the past produce some games that to this day are All Time Classics and benchmarks to future games take "The Last Ninja" as the best example.

Anyway M$ basicly has more control over the Ferrari License over there home (USA). But it's not impossible to FC to have DLC on the USA. It only requires full support from many parts: Players (meanly), Publisher/and Others and money to pay some personal to make things move the right way. Got my point? In the end it's money the main reason. LOL :D

See and hear this video it will 'show' you stuff. License issues can take lots of time to solve, even for a single License:

And if things go really well with now both FC DLCs we may see a very nice 3rd one. :cool: :D

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During SuperCar Challenge production a person from System3, Tim Best, died and that person was one of the souls of System3 imagination for game ideas.
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