Separate Nation and Manuf. races for ITALY??! "Scendi in pista con GT Sport"

As you probably know, Italy was excluded from GT FIA Championship. However, today I read new terms and conditions and Italy was added to the countries that were already included. Apparently there is a national championship - "nations" and "manufacturer" cup. These are not included in the rankings and these players can be picked to the live events, if they meet conditions (like being top 30 in EMEA).

What's weird is that ITALY is separated. They only race with themselves... It isn't mentioned anywhere but in the terms and condition, in one single sentence saying something like players from ITALY participating in Scendi in pista con GT Sport may be also chosen to participate in the live events, nothing more... It looks very fishy...

Furthermore, not only they can participate in the live events without having to race with others (maybe faster players from other countries), but they can even win prizes, specifically a PS4 Pro.

Here is the italian' playstation website dedicated to this race, google-translated.


I don't have any screenshot of the terms of conditions as they were in Slovak (no one would understand anyway). If these can be found online, I'd put a link here.