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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by AceStroke, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. AceStroke


    Okay, i'm having some serious problem with GT5.
    It keeps shutting down my PS3 whenever it reads data on the HDD;
    I've tried reinstalling the data, i've tried uninstalling the data and keeping only the updates;
    But it doesn't work, it shut downs whenever the game is loading a track, or when you leave a track;
    I suspected that it was overheating, but how it keeps overheating loading the same track? (Deep Forest on A-Spec Professional, Japanese event with old cars), and the PS3 isn't even hot when i play the game.

    I've already made a backup of the entire system, and formatted, but it still keeps shutting down whenever is loading some track or some data.

    The funny thing is i can play normally when there's no data or updates of the game on the HDD, including this track that keeps shutting down.

    It's really odd, cuz its happening only with GT5, i have tons of games on the HDD and it never happened this.

    Anyone has a clue of whats happening?
  2. mrkevans


    United Kingdom
    ??? Very strange, sounds like some sort of corrupt data
  3. AceStroke



    I've done some tests now, and i installed the GT5 Data, but i didn't updated the game, and the game is fine by now, i tested on the track that kept shutting down the PS3, and i was able to enter it, played 3 times the same track.

    Now i'm confused, the updates are making my PS3 shuts down? That's really odd.
    The things is, i didn't tested the game with data and without the updates, before i formatted, so i don't know if i fixed the problem formatting the HDD (I've made the GT5 Data backup, so maybe it was still corrupted by the HDD corrupted sector), or if its the updates.

    btw, my PS3 is the FAT 80GB one, EUR, the one without PS2 compatibility.
  4. AceStroke


    I've done more tests, after i have formatted the HDD.
    Data + Updates = Shuts Down
    Only Data = Game is fine
    Only Updates = Shuts down

    So, the only way i can play is by never updating the game, therefore i can't play online;
    My only salvation is GT5 XL, that comes with Spec II and the other updates, but still i'll never be able to update i guess, or else the game will crash lol
  5. starcarper


    I had a corrupt sector on my PS3 60 gig fatty. It happened on the first install of GT5.

    I tried reinstalling it 3 or 4 times then on the 3rd delete it came up "corrupt setor" or something like that. I now have a little grey square saying "corrupt data" on my machine.
    It just never uses that sector now. I think I was lucky to find it or I could have been reinstalling GT5 for eternity.

    Try installing something that you dont need that ill take up the area GT5 updates are trying to install in. Don't know if it will help but it might.
  6. SjefGielen


    To rule out harddrive problems, swap you hd with a (cheap) 2.5" laptop hd and see if that helps.
  7. thelvynau

    thelvynau Premium

    I had the same thing with mine I uninstalled red dead redemption the ps3 crashed and I have that grey square saying corrupted data still trying to figure it out myself
  8. CDJW


    Probably a corrupt spot where GT5 keeps installing. That's what happened to me. New 500gb hard drive fixed everything. My original hard drive only lasted a couple of months and I hardly ever used it. Unfortunately, consoles seem to use Hitachi drives which work fine but have 0% reliability as far as I'm concerned. I'd never buy one for a PC.
  9. AceStroke


    The thing is, if the data is corrupted, why the system doesn't say so?
    I can uninstall the data normally (takes some time), i can see the data info, and it never says that its corrupted.

    But well, i think you guys are right, it's probabbly the HDD.
    I'll do more tests, i've deleted the data again, and installed only the data without the updates, and now i'm installing the Lost Planet 2 data (about 4GB), so that it installs in the HDD sector where GT5 updates kept installing, then i will install the GT5 updates and hope that they are being installed on another place of the HDD.