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  1. CarBastard

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    I'm sorry if this has been posted already, I tried the search button but i had no luck. If it has, please ask a mod to close it but answer me before ;)

    My G27 and PS3, are finally home and I'm enjoying the hell outta them with GT5P. Only issue is that i still dont know very much how to setup the wheel. I have it connected straight out of the box, but i still dont know how to program the buttons. Which section of the options menu should i use? How do i enable the paddles? Which buttons can be assigned for the G27?

    Basically, How do i proper adjust my G27 for GT5P? :confused::confused:.

    HOW TO: Adjust the steering settings and find the menu to map the buttons for G25/G27.
    HOW TO: A reccomended way to map the buttons in your G25 (Graphic Guide: here).
    (Take in account the steering wheel buttons are recognized as all three left ones L2, all right ones R2)

    Thanks in advance fellow GTPers.
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  2. TTourist


    Go to options, Logitech Racing Wheels, Steering Settings. Steering type=simulation. Power-Assisted Steering=Off. Force Feedback is up to you (I use 8).

    Then, exit Steering Settings and scroll right. The G25 is not listed in the options menu. Use the DFP to map the controls. Paddle shifters are L1 and R1. Buttons on wheel are L2 and R2. D-pad is same as DS3, as are the four black buttons above it. The four red buttons are (from left to right), L3, Select, Start, R3. The forward/back on the sequential shifter can also be mapped if you choose to do so. Hope this helps.
  3. CarBastard

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    Helps a lot, thanks dude :tup:.
  4. opelgt1969

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    You might want to look at "my Album" in on my {Profile} page I don't have a G27 but I do have a G25 and I have some pictures that might help out. You should also be able to use the DFPGT option to setup the (on the fly) tuning. As far as what buttons does what on the wheel you can test these by going into the wheel options and try changing button functions (such as look left/right) then go to time trial to see which button does this just get a piece of paper or print a diagram off my album and edit it so you will learn the button functions. Hope this helps.
  5. CarBastard

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    Everything helps :lol: Thanks for the contribution, I'm so hooked with GT5P I'll give NFS:S a delay.
  6. Can the paddles be enabled or is disabled. I hope they make a patch to fix the paddles.
  7. DTM

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    I see alot of posts about the G27 recarding the flippers and all that. But i'm stil not sure if some thing work in GT5P and the GT Academy.

    Is there somebody who can awnser the following questins with a simple Yes or No.

    A. Do the flippers work of the g27 in GT5P and the Academy? I'm almost sure it will for the academy, but want to know for sure.

    B. I use lookin left, right and backwards alot while racing. Can i make de buttons on the wheel for using this views.

    This are the most important things for me to connect my G27 now or wait till GT5 will be released. Otherwise i will be keeping using my DFGT for now.

    But i wanna use my G27 now on my new virtual roadster seat that i just received as a present from my girlfriend. Isn't she sweet :)

  8. clacksman

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    A: G27 paddles work great with GT Academy, and not at all with 5P.

    B: Not sure.
  9. skazz


    You can map the two buttons on the G25 front to look left/right, using the DFP wheel setting and the translation map for G25 buttons to DFP buttons, to figure out which to map.
    I've not yet seen a G27 button map showing the names of all 6 buttons on it, so I'm not sure which are useable in Prologue, sorry. I'd guess that at least 2 are, though. Google G25 button mapping in Prologue for more info.
  10. DTM

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    THNX guys but unfortunately the flippers don't work in GT5P

    I just read that there is a new firmware up-date. so i was wondering if it works now? Probably not cos it's not a GT5P up-date. Can always ask, right? Otherwise i still have to wait longer to hook up my G27 and still have to run my DFGT
  11. I've just bought my G27 this weekend. I already knew the paddles don't work on GT5P, but I tried GTHD Concept and... yes, the paddles worked perfectly.

    Why SCC had a patch that even show the revs on the G27 but GT5P don't let you use the paddles? WTF!?
  12. Hello GTP peeps,
    Sorry to resurrect an older thread, but i was wondering if its possible to get the paddle shifters on the G25 working in Prologue without plugging in the gear shift accessory (my wheel stand doesnt have a space for it) At the moment i have tried remapping the controls for every wheel type as G25 isnt on there, but no luck, i understand L1 and L2 are supposed to be the paddles but its not working for me. Can it be done? Also does anyone know if its possible to turn the degrees of rotation down?
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  13. ArcticDC5


    Sorry for these noob questions:

    What is DFP?

    What is DS3?

    Can you please tell me how to map the sequential shifter?
  14. CarBastard

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    DFP = Driving Force Pro, an old Logitech wheel (I believe the one released for GT4). When setting a G25/27 you commonly select this option to map the buttons (That's how it is in GT5P, GT5: Academy, and I believe, but I'm not sure, GT5). It has all the same buttons except for the extra four wheel buttons (G27).

    DS3 = DualShock 3, your bog-standard Playstation 3 wireless controller.

    Since I have a G27, I can't tell you exactly how to do so. But I believe that if you configurate your wheel trough the Driving Force Pro menu, you'll have the option to map the function for your sequential shifter.
  15. anyone have any updates on using the g27 with gt5?
  16. I what is the setting you use for the clutch on gt5?
  17. DrivingForce

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    You have to go to the wheel menu and you can customize the wheel setting to how you want them.
  18. occasionalracer

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    I'm sure you'll be thanked later for your speedy reply DrivingForce.
  19. DrivingForce

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    i know :D only trying to help if he/she hasnt still got it working