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Hi there! I was recently started Special Condition events and already finished with easy tracks but I have some trouble with normal tracks (especially reverse). I'm using the two cars - Subaru Imreza Rally Prototype and Spec C (Type-2) '04. One - for Dirt and another - for Snow. I buy turbo 3 for normal tracks but I can't beat the reverse - need more speed. Also I have some trouble with settings - the rear swinging sometimes in corners. How can I get a more stability and handling? My settings for these cars are:

spring rate 50/50 %
ride height 50/50 %
shock 3/4 (bound-rebound)
angles - 0/0
stabilizers - 3/4
ASM-0, TCM-1
brakes - 6/12
Downforce - 75/75 %
VCD - 30
Limited slip initial - 50/50
other settings are default.

I hope for hints!
Hey there, so, a few things to break down:
  • Putting the stage 3 turbo onto the Impreza is probably doing more harm than good. While having no turbo upgrades sacrifices some speed on faster tracks like Swiss Alps, it makes slowing down and braking into corners much easier. It'll also give the car a smoother power curve at low and mid-RPM's, which helps the car pull out of corners. Better to keep the car's power around 350hp or less by giving it an oil change and not much else.
  • Setting the rear height higher than the front really helps on dirt and snow. It moves the car's weight forward, making corner exits a lot easier as the rear is less likely to swing out. For dirt I usually go 125 / 160, and for snow I go minimum on front and maximum on rear.
  • Your shock and stabiliser settings seem fine, but 0 camber is most likely killing your grip in corners. Front camber is extremely important for cornering and braking stability, and you can safely apply 3.0 - 4.2. Between 1.8 and 2.2 rear camber will help mid-corner grip and prevent the rear of the car from losing stability.
  • Maxing out downforce will also help a lot with stability.
  • I always suggest setting the VCD to 50 on offroad. Helps reduce wheelspin as less torque is going to the rear wheels, and helps the car pull more smoothly out of corners.
  • 50/50 Initial seems very high, I imagine it's hurting the car's ability to enter corners. I usually keep the Initial low (10 - 20), max out Acceleration and adjust Deceleration so the car is balanced between entering and exiting corners.
  • After all of this, the springs might be too stiff and the car may be difficult to move from corner to corner, so loosen them a bit if that's the case.
I go into more detail on all of this in my Impreza Spec C tuning primer. Hope this helps!
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I go into more detail on all of this in my Impreza Spec C tuning primer. Hope this helps!
Yes, I saw your article and even try all three different settings. I like the last one but my subaru is swinging and it interferes with turning. I was tryed a many setting but the best ones right now. I can't drive with other two settings of yours - I got penalty and AI leaves. Maybe I should try another cars? I already got Mitsu Rally Car. The AI is too fast for me. Grand Canyon on normal is hard track - didn't pass yet. What kind a settings of transmission for this track? Do you have a video walktrough?
I will try your advise, thanks for help!
Ah, okay, I wasn't sure if you had already seen it or not. If my Impreza tunes are swinging too much, stiffen the spring rates and stabilisers, that'll reduce body roll and help keep the car's weight centered. Around 7.0 - 8.0 springs on both sides should cure it. The primer goes through how to set up the transmission as well. I have a video, yeah, though it basically re-hashes everything the primer says.

Other than that, there isn't much I can say other than try practicing by yourself in time trials to learn each track. If you're getting penalties constantly, you may be trying to go too fast and colliding with walls and AI because of it. These dirt and snow races really require you to be patient. The Impreza's are your best shot, they're the fastest rally cars I've tried thanks to their exceptional traction. It's worth sticking with them IMO. Best of luck.
@TeaKanji Hi. Your advise was helpful. I was finished two snow reverse tracks with Subaru spec C. I change the settings of springs and won easily! I also got the Mitsubishi Race Car 97. I try this car with your settings and buy turbo 3 for her. I got a nice result and I want to compare Impreza prototype and this Mitsubishi. Which is best!
I changed camber angle and that's gave a better handling just like you say. I also changed the transmission settings to 2. It gave a boost accel and speed but only for few tracks like Chamonix or Ice Arena. Still need to finish the Grand Canyon, Cathedral, Swiss alps on Normal. I haven't license IA - need to obtain it.
The most important thing is that the car doesn't skid so much and I can drive comfortably.
Do I need to remove turbo on Swiss apls? Maybe I shoud change the transmission settings too?
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