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    Hi guys i'm shala and these are my pictures that i have taken in FH 2
    I Will start with my favourites.Which is all of them haha. Bmw m4 Suspeinson back.jpg
    Bmw m4 suspension front.jpg
    Beautiful M4 and that supsension moving tho..
    E36 susp front.jpg M3 sups moving back.jpg

    The old but gold E36 M3 is even crazier.

    R8 Big arse.jpg R8 front beauty.jpg That r8 tho 2.jpg That r8 tho.jpg

    The R8 lowered is so georgus.
    M5 in the corner drifting.jpg My favourite car.
    X5M grip front.jpg X5m Grip back.jpg

    Some nice looking X5M in the corner.
    Georgus r34.jpg
    And a good looking R34 waiting.
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