Share Your Racing Game Concepts (Read OP)

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One thing I've always liked about the racing community is the various fan concepts and ideas for racing games, or subsequent fan sequels of racing titles. I enjoy reading them and watching people reflect or add to each others ideas. Not to mention that in our current gaming climate, good ideas can get noticed and implemented by game developers if enough people care to share them.

That being said, I've created this thread for GTP users to share and discuss various ideas and concepts. This is mostly free form, so there’s no specific structure or format required. But here a few things to consider, as well as a few ground rules to keep posts from being excessively lengthy.

Theme (Ideas)
If choosing to make an original IP, think of a theme for your game. Try not to make it a jumble of cars that you aimlessly drive around or race with no real incentive, give it an identity and purpose. Will it cater to a niche audience or try to appeal to as many people as possible? Will your game be mostly about customization and street racing? Will it be about building a racing profile and progressing through a career? Is it themed after an existing division of motorsport? Is it an open world social experience? And is it more offline or online oriented?

Car Lists (Rules)
If you want to detail a specific and original car list, keep it capped at 100 vehicles. Avoid using images for this part, or at least link the images or have them in a hidden format; I don’t want this thread to turn into a slideshow. Likewise, if your concept is a sequel to a franchise, you can take an existing car list, and add up to 100 new vehicles onto it IE: “My car list will be that of Forza Motorsport 7’s, along with the following new vehicles”. Lastly, consider how you'll categorize or homologate your chosen vehicles.

World Content (Ideas)
Will your game be an open world racer? A closed track racer? Or an open world map with standalone circuits not sourced from the map? Will it just focus on one location, blend different environments together, feature tracks from across the globe, or be in a completely fictitious setting? Take into account the amount of content space your tracks/map will fill, and what limitations that may provide.

Features, Mechanics, Activities & Gameplay (Ideas)
What new or existing features will your game contain? What will set it apart from the competition, or improve upon previous releases? Think of what current technology can offer, and what may not be possible right now. For example, 100 cars on track for a Gran Turismo Sequel.
What will be the backbone of your gameplay loop? What will keep players coming back for months, if not years later? Will your physics be more simulation or arcade? Will you just feature vanilla racing, different kinds of races like multiclass or eliminator, entirely different modes like drift or drag racing, or completely outlandish and fun ideas like car bowling or tag? How quickly will your game progress? Will your game have a car market and economy? What additional activities will be in the open world? Will races earn you additional rewards for actions like clean overtakes? There's lots to consider here.

Post-Release Content (Rules)
If you want to go as far to include post-release content, you can list up to 8 minor content packs. These will include car packs, new events, circuits, liveries, achievements, etc. You are also permitted two major DLC content updates. Something that adds a completely new mechanic or experience to the game, or adds an additional large quantity of content such as another open world map, or map extension. If you decide to go with the live service/free2play model for your game, consider these updates as the mere first year of your service.

Artistic Vision (Ideas)
Think of what kind of atmosphere you want your game to convey. Will it offer a clean lounge-like experience like in GT Sport, an exciting festival spirit like Dirt Showdown, or will it have a dark calm before the storm atmosphere like NFS Rivals? Feel free to share concept art, or music that your game would feature to help set the tone.

Aside from that, the rest is up to you. You may even link a concept you or someone else has made on an external website or file, and don't need to abide by any of my previous Car List or DLC size restrictions if doing so. In fact this method is preferable. Just make sure not to violate GTPlanet's Acceptable Use Policy when sending links.


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I'm actually working on my own racing game. It's super simple and I can get creative with what I want to add (like the entire inventory of cars from Toyota :lol:)
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Oh good god, ideas I've never been short of. Competence, dedication, and determination are what I lack.

*three hours later*

I also lack the ability to explain my thoughts in anything but walls of text or a single line. For now, I'll do the single lines.

#1) A true NR2003 successor.
#2) A new, better ProStreet
#3) A game where you can build the car from custom specs, a la Automation or Gear City, and race them in an organized fashion.
#4) A multi-faceted game where you could race, manage, or just be a support act.
#5) A dedicated aircraft racer.
#6) A dedicated naval racer.
#7) Take #3 through #6, merge them, then stabilize the result, lastly make it an MMO.