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Welcome to Shizuka Touge
Meaning calm; peaceful

Owner: ShizukaLEADER
co-Owner: BAMF6521

Club ID: 1069475

If wish to participate send a message via PSN to the owner or co-owner and we will set up a lobby together. Or if you wish to Inbox me thru GT Planet please do so as well.

This club was created by ShizukaLEADER with the help of I BAMF6521, a lot of the club was inspired by the PlayStation2 series "Tokyo Xtreme Racer" and also from "Initial D". We are a Japanese based Racing club focused on 1v.1 battles on sprint styled circuits with high Performance Points vehicles ranging from factory and race cars. each battle is a fair low contact race to the end of the mountain.

Each race has its own tire set but all of them use the same Performance Points (PP). The 3 tires sets used are Sport Hards (SH), Sport Softs (SS), and Racing Softs (RS) tires. each with a limit but not mandatory of 630 PP. if comfortable with being under, that's acceptable. Cars available are to be either Asia-Pacific (Japanese) or European using factory or racing vehicles

The majority of the tracks are self created made by either the club owner ShizukaLEADER or the co-Owner BAMF6521; so practice with tracks are encouraged. The Tracks will be open to used going to the "Community" section in GT6 from both of the Shizuka Togue Owners in "Shared Tracks". Member created tracks are open for suggestions as long as it fits with the club and is approved by both the Owner and Co-Owner. Each Mountain ranges from 3 miles or more ranging from elevation changes and width. All the Tracks will be open for Battles and used for setting lap times by the 3 different tires (SH, SS, RS)

like mentioned before battles are to be friendly non-aggressive with competitive attitudes in mind viewed (hence "Shizuka") by the entire team if chosen to watch.
  • Each one would be agreed upon the 2 drivers.
  • Performance Points will be set at 630PP with a min of 700Kg.
  • If lag is visible by one of the drivers and anyone in "Watch Race" mode notices; a Restart is available.
  • Each Battle has Most aids disabled for true authentic driving experience with ABS being only available.
  • race settings are interchangeable like damage and weather if both of the drivers racing come to a mutual agreement.

Tournament events will be held by the owner ShizukaLEADER on a weekly bases testing out each of the members of the team, each one will have a the same racing setting so each member has a fair chance and a view how they are skilled wise. Everyone will have a chance to go up to any member they choose to challenge or who every is set up/ ready to challenge ordered by the leader if they choose to do so. there will be select days this will be held and a message will be sent ahead of time as well as a time set of when available.

Creating lap times is another way to improve on your Touge skills and is also a great way to participate in the club. Each track selected by the owner and co-owner will have a best lap time set in possession of the co-owner BAMF6521 with three times held for each track, each for the tire compound set (SH, SS, and RS). The Times will be posted in the threads bi-weekly so everyone has a chance to see what the current times are set and by whom its set by. If you wish to request a time for a track, please contact BAMF6521 either thru PSN messaging, or the best way to send in is by direct message in the GT Planet page. you are to message with the track used, car driven, and the compound selected tire chosen for the track. if there is any way you can back up the proof, a screen shot or a picture simply with a smart phone would greatly be appreciated
United States
United States
Sup man! So you're into touge too? That's good to hear there are more people out there. May I refer you to Legend Of The Streets? (LotS) it's a really awesome touge association based in GT6 as well. You may have seen our lobbies in "user-made" tracks, labeled, LotS. Any time you want to, you are free to join!