Should race cars be allowed to be nominated for the Cool Wall once again? (POLL)

Should race cars be allowed to be nominated for the Cool Wall once again?

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As you may know, the GTP Cool Wall is making a comeback! That being said, I have made a few changes, and I am debating whether or not race cars should be allowed to be nominated once again. I know this is a controversial aspect of the Wall, so I'll let the community answer. If more than 50% of the votes in the poll are for "yes", than race cars will be allowed to be nominated going forward. The poll will be open for seven days.

Pros to allowing race cars: allows for a larger, more diverse pool of cars to be nominated, plus many noteworthy racing cars have not been nominated yet.

Cons to allowing race cars: many members do not like them being nominated alongside production cars, and "Seriously Uncool Because Race Car" (SUBRC) comments were very frequent.
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I never actually understood the SU because racecar comments. It never made much sense, and just felt like an in-joke gone way too far.
I vote "No" because any race car will always be cool... Because race car...

How could a race not be cool ?
I get why SUBRC is a thing but I don't think it works as a universal rule. There are definitely exceptions to it.


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There are already threads for best racecar of type and era. No need to add them to the Cool Wall. Also... I presume all the existing cool wall cars will remain in place?
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I know this is a hot take but I think there's a far more compelling argument to say "seriously uncool because road car" than there is to say "seriously uncool because race car".

Outside of remote rural areas and certain applications as an accessibility tool for disabled people, private cars can be replaced far more effectively by other modes of transport. I'd much rather sit on a train and read a book than have to drive a car in traffic for 2 hours, and I'd much much rather go back to living by a railway line and have a train occasionally make a loud noise as it passes every 10 minutes or so than have to put up with the constant road noise (even on a Sunday...) that I do where I live now.

Race cars in contrast... You can't replace a racing car with a train, and most of them don't spend their time caught up in a boring, polluting traffic jam outside of Q3 at Monza

What I'm saying is that racing cars are cool