Show me your dashboard!

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Show me your dashboard! We have a new dashboard showing your progress in the game that is available from the top left menu. Here's mine.


Looks like I need to do those two new bonus menus and crack on with C.E. and missions as well as the Master licenses...

What's yours?
Not on at the mo, but will share when I am.

Sad that this hasn't (yet) rolled out to the Gran Turismo 'my page' section.
It's the Toyota SF23...figured I won't bother buying it unless if I, for some reason, need to :crazy:

I think you need to get on those missions/licenses though :sly:
Well technically, I'm still at work so tonight....

I did knock off the 900 Touring World Cup menu book at lunch (ironically in a detuned SF23 - made it super easy) so my Cafe is now only 1 short of 100% again.
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How are guys able to get so much accomplished?

How much time do you play per day ? How often ...
I can only fit in at best a couple of hours a day and it's not even everyday
I really like this new dashboard kinda inspire me to try and get more gold and not just grind for credits and cars.:)

Really wished there wasn't a 2K limit to the garage.:(
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@CTznOfTime I have personal reasons why I'm able to play alot but I rather not share them.:)
The question wasn't specifically aimed at you, and my question wasn't trying to make anyone fell bad for putting so much hours on the game, quite the opposite, it was out of jealousy that I asked the question, because simply put, I am unable to play my favorite game as much as I wish ;)

Furthermore I already know you buddy, from the Project Cars subforum.

You Sir are a Legend !

Keep enjoying the games on our behalf ;)

Cheers 🥂
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I can’t bring myself to do the licenses beyond National A. I just don’t see the point of doing them, let alone the Master Licenses, when they don’t serve any purpose for the progression like in the previous games.
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