Sim racing in boot camp... games that won’t die?

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    I’m new to sim racing and have just bought a shiny wheel, and I want to do some serious sim racing. I’m on a MacBook Pro (2017, 15in, dedicated gfx) and was wondering which sims might work reasonably well on it in boot camp (windows10)
    Does anyone have any knowledge or experience here to help me not waste my money on games I can’t run?


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    You’re not going to have much luck finding a racing sim for Mac. The only one that I know is on Mac is Dirt Rally. I can’t guarantee that it will run on your system because it’s a MacBook and not an iMac (generally more powerful).

    Good luck getting a wheel hooked up to the MacBook as well. Laptop computer monitors aren’t known to be wheel-friendly (that is, you might not see the screen easily).
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    Sorry mate. My mistake. I’m running boot camp. Figured OS X was a no-go.
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    I have about the same MBP, got CrossOver (Wine with user-friendly interface) and have been playing LFS, Rigs of Rods and I have Dirt Rally Mac-Version (but am still on Sierra for work-related compatibility reasons).

    My bet is it could probably handle Assetto Corsa ok. What processor do you have?
    Next place you'll be heading will be some case-modding forum which will motivate you to drill airflow holes in your shiny aluminium backplate :lol:
    … or create the first watercooled 2017 MBP haha

    I've been following progress of Molten VK which might or might not get to the point where you can play Assetto Corsa and other DX11 games without bootcamp. In a year or so. Or five.