Similarities between iRacing and GT Sport

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    I'm avid iRacing subscribers ( yeah I pay monthly for years ) and I noticed there are some similarities that GTS and IR.

    In iRacing everyone will start with iRating value 1350 and D license.

    To get D license, you have to get out from ROOKIE race and will usually take a month ( not talking fast track ). So in that 1 month , a rookie will drive MAzda Miata MX5 with track rotation every week. The race will be official for every hour with at least 6 players signed up.

    What he/she will learn while in ROOKIE stage
    1. Understanding car behavior ( physics )
    2. To learn the blackbox ( voice chat / pit / relative / tire info / in car adjustment )
    3. To learn abou racecraft and the consequences of hitting other player
    4. To learn about SAFETY RATING incidents

    So that process will take a month with probably at least 40 official race joined before granted by D license.

    So while in D, you're eligible to enter official iRacing league with starting iRating value at 1350. A league will lasted 12 weeks with track rotation once a week every 0 GMT Tuesday.

    You will need to score CHAMPIONSHIP POINT of any official race that you join, for example in week 1 at laguna seca mazda cup

    RACE 1 ~ SCORED 67 point
    RACE 2 ~ SCORED 78 point
    RACE 3 ~ SCORED 100 point
    RACE 4 ~ SCORE 20 point

    The system only take your RACE 3 point to be carried over into next week race ( only the highest point out of 4 races )

    So while racing to score the highest CHAMP point, iRATING and SAFETY rating will come into play

    If you finish TOP5 on the race, your iRATING will be higher since winning point will be added, say 1350+100 = 1450
    If you keep losing, your IRATING will dropped down and teh system will deduct iRating say 1350-100 = 1250

    SAFETY RATING will indicate how safe are you, so if you score 0/17 incidents, you SR rating will going up and vice versa

    The high class racing like Blancpain GT3 will require you at least B license and you'll divided into 10 divisions by you iRating value at the start of the season.

    Why the DIVISION split ?
    There are 10,000 racers that will join a league
    So, there are 10,000 racers with different iRating
    System will divide 10,000 racers into 10 DIVISION using iRating value as SPLIT point
    So generally the elite class will be DIVISION 1 and the most slowest drivers will be places into DIVISION 10
    In official race, the racer only compete CHAMP point in their DIVISION but in the same race where players from all divisions.
    So for example a MAzda CUP race at 8.00GMT , there will be 100 players signed up, the driver will be split up into multiple instance using iRating as split point because per official race, only 12 players allowed to compete in same room.

    So after reading the thread over here ( i'm planning to buy Ps4/gts just because of this similarities ), I think GTS is a lot like iRacing but on console. Which I welcome the direction very much.

    So if you race on official race on GTS, is the race hosted on the server or still P2P style like the old GT installment ? Just curious
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    Yup, iRacing's DR/SR system works very well and it was what got me really excited about GTS. I'm extremely glad that Polyphony realized that online racing can be lots of fun and work very well with all sorts of players with such a matchmaking system.

    iRacing's system is a lot more complicated (champ. points, divisions, etc...) and I think GTS's simpler system is great for the mainstream audience it's targeting. I can jump into an online race every 20 minutes, with only a few minutes of waiting time inbetween. In iRacing, it takes a little longer to find races, although that depends on how many cars and tracks you pay for, and you also have more options.

    In GTS, it seems we'll only have 3 options per day. I wonder if we'll see some changes to this in the final version. It would be cool if there were weekly or monthly championships, where one has to pick a car and race with it in a couple of different tracks over a month or so.
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