Sky Q Hub replacement or booster?

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Hi all

I have this nonsense from Sky and have to have my PlayStation in another part of the house connecting through WiFi,

The speeds are abismal with this router yet I'm sort of stuck having to use it because they're my provider,

Can anyone recommend any switchers or boosters or whatever to make the connection way better than the 600kps download on the PS or even recommend a different router that will work

P.s can't change the provider, no one else is in my area...
Just buy new router. Bt home hub 2 on ebay for like £50 will do. If it HAS to be wifi then try changing the wifi channels. You may just have wifi interference and need a different channel
Can't understand why the Wi-fi is that different in different parts of the house. Most routers are consistent across all rooms

Because it depends on whether the WiFi is using 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz
2.4Ghz is over crowded as it is older as well as many things now use it so other things can interfere with it
Cordless phones, Remote controls for TV, A/C Microwave ovens, etc.

WiFi is broadcast on "Channels" if you are broadcasting on channel 52 and your neighbor is also broadcasting on channel 52 you will get performance issues as the channels are interfering with one another

The physical way 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz works also plays a big part.

2.4Ghz has less bandwidth and less range but the signal has good penetration ability
5Ghz has more bandwidth and more range but the signal has less penetration ability than 2.4Ghz
60Ghz(IEEE802.11ad) has insane bandwidth, but has horrible penetration ability, it can be blocked by a box

What are houses made of?
Brick, Plasterboard, Timer, Metal(pipes, nails), Water(in pipes), electrical cables.
Each of these things can impact radio signals in their own way.
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