Sky router - PS4 - Wifi - No go...

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Ian Bick
Hello again,

Some may have seen my earlier post about buying a PS4 and GTS. I have now done so and I just love it. My problem....

The PS 4 just will not connect to the internet via wifi. I have it on a cable at the moment. It, the console, sees the network but just will not connect. I have moved all of it downstairs to try a better ( stronger ) signal. Nope.

I have opened the ports on the router. Nope.

I have even removed, temporarily, the security from the network. Nope.

Am I being stupid here? Did I miss something? Can anyone help please?

Thanks as always in advance for anyone who "steps in".

On a happier note - I am sooooo looking forwards to getting back in to Gran Turismo!!!!!!


Ludwigsburg, Germany
I can't answer your exact question ( my PS connected immediately ), however, you should use a wired connection anyway for safety. In case you can not wire your PS to your router, dLAN is an option. I don't use it anymore but it worked great for me without any issues ever.
Ask me for one!
Ask me for one!
I believe it's the DNS server that's not recognized properly. Perhaps try manual setting up of the network connection to the router?
United Kingdom
Are you in the uk?Do any of your other devices,laptop or phone,connect without any problems?Im not sure how good the wifi signal for the sky router is,people say its brill,others say its crap.I use Bt,again some say its crap,etc etc but i have a really strong wifi signal which is good for me,i only have one wall between my ps4 and the router.Having said that my router is in the hallway and i get good strong signal anywhere in the house.
Its not a problem with your ps4 getting a signal from the router is it?
A way to test it is to fire up the ps4 as close to the router as possible,even if it means a monitor and the ps4 sat on the floor in front of the router this will see if your ps4 can recieve a wifi signal.I realise this is a ball ache to set up but if by doing this test your ps4 still wont connect then maybe the console is the issue?
Apart from that idont know what else to suggest,i dont understand how to open ports or anything like that as ive never had to.I used this link to solve an unrelated issue to my daughters ps4 some time ago,i see its been updated to 2019,i cant vouch for the knowledge of the guy who wrote the article but might be worth a look.

Hope you get it sorted.
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Ian Bick

Thank you for the input.

UK Based. All other devices connect at will and on command. I have spoken to Sky today. They are as much use as an ashtray on a motorcycle.
As a result of more tests today ( using neighbours wifi ) I am sacking Sky and have signed up to Plusnet. Bonus - Faster, cheaper and it all works. The other bonus is that I can use my own router - Result!!!

Thanks again to all.



NB - Apologies to moderators for placing topic in wrong forum - I am still learning my way around here.