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    SNAIL Driver's List

    Drivers with an F designation are considered to be full time and drivers with a P designation are considered to be part time. All drivers are listed in order of priority. This only applies if a room should fill beyond capacity on race night or if there are connection issues that need to be settled by having a driver leave the room.

    Drivers with an NEP designation are not currently eligible to win weekly prizes. These drivers have not been through a full round of promotion and relegation or have not raced enough to accumulate enough data to support their divisional placement. Drivers with a number after the NEP designation are not eligible to win prizes until they race that number of weeks. These drivers have this designation because they won a prize and were non-responsive and forfeited their prize.

    Drivers with an HON (honorable) designation are members of the SNAIL Board of Directors that have run a time trial on the current platform. These drivers will not be removed from the drivers list except by their own request.

    All Sunday night races will be run in public lobbies. You must be listed here in order to have permission to enter the room. Please do not enter any lobby that you are not assigned to for any reason.

    If anyone shows up in a lobby on Sunday night and they are not on this list, they don't race unless you get specific approval from JLBowler or whichever administrator gives the all clear to race that night.

    Division ----- PSN ID ----- GTPlanet ID ----- Status

    1 ----- Timlour ----- Timlour ----- f
    1 ----- Nic-KL ----- Nicktune ----- f
    1 ----- TheRaceReviewer ----- thracerviewr ----- f
    1 ----- Xrad-11 ----- Xradkins ----- f
    1 ----- Fudman420 ----- Fudman420 ----- f
    1 ----- Rauljimenez76 ----- Noob01_lmdead ----- f
    1 ----- Bologna_Duc ----- Bologna_Duc ----- f
    1 ----- SAMHAIN85 ----- SAMHAIN85 (HON) ----- f
    1 ----- MikeGrove ----- MikeGrove ----- f
    1 ----- Neuttyy ----- Neutty ----- f
    1 ----- Rednose58 ----- Rednose58 (HON) ----- f
    1 ----- FREEREVN ----- FREEREVN ----- f
    1 ----- VR6_SLC_V-Dub ----- GTPvw_slc ----- f
    1 ----- NASCARNATE91 ----- NASCARNATE91 ----- p
    1 ----- Herimopp89 ----- Herimopp89 ----- p
    1 ----- superstreet556 ----- superstreet556 ----- p
    1 ----- nmcp1 ----- nmcp1 (HON) ----- p

    2 ----- no1needs2perish ----- Rob Brown ----- f
    2 ----- Kgffty ----- Kgffy ----- f
    2 ----- Akzl298 ----- Akzl298 ----- f
    2 ----- N38824jr ----- N38824r ----- f
    2 ----- soundtiger95 ----- soundtiger95 ----- f
    2 ----- basswerks1 ----- basswerks1 ----- f
    2 ----- Grandpas_Money ----- Grandpa Money ----- f
    2 ----- DUB-L-DEE ----- DublDee ----- f
    2 ----- Phlano_099 ----- Phlano099 ----- f
    2 ----- Jonesman59 ----- Jonesman59 (NEP) ----- f
    2 ----- lean_22_YT ----- Lean_22_YT (NEP) ----- f
    2 ----- fullerbunch ----- Deal24 (NEP) ----- f
    2 ----- Mt626v6 ----- Mt626v6 (NEP) ----- f
    2 ----- II-NOVA-II ----- llNovall ----- p
    2 ----- Alexrider007 ----- Alexrider007 ----- p
    2 ----- OMG_mang ----- TomMang_68 ----- p
    2 ----- USERID_77a23 ----- USERID_77a23 ----- p
    2 ----- CoachMK21 ----- CoachMK21 (HON) ----- p

    3 ----- COL_KLINK01 ----- diehard racer ----- f
    3 ----- RacingChamp30 ----- racingchamp30 ----- f
    3 ----- TEX36 ----- TEX36 ----- f
    3 ----- Onyx58 ----- SlvrOnyx ----- f
    3 ----- gulfvet67 ----- gulfvet67 ----- f
    3 ----- IDreamIn_GT3 ----- IDreamInGT3 ----- f
    3 ----- Skills_19657 ----- Skills ----- f
    3 ----- Stelephant ----- stelephant ----- f
    3 ----- NBG_Drifter_71 ----- Drifter1171 ----- f
    3 ----- nog3861 ----- Nick Cannella ----- f
    3 ----- jlbowler ----- JLBowler (HON) ----- f
    3 ----- Pubason ----- Pubason ----- f
    3 ----- Drummmer1979 ----- Drummer79 ----- f
    3 ----- JamCar0ne ----- JamCar0ne ----- p
    3 ----- Canoworms1 ----- Canoworms1 ----- p
    3 ----- TTTtothetop ----- TTTtothetop ----- p
    3 ----- Raw10_2u ----- Raw10_2u ----- p
    3 ----- MajorBlixem ----- MajorBlixem (HON) ----- p
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    United States
    S.N.A.I.L. Driver Status Policy

    Beginning at the conclusion of the January season of S.N.A.I.L., drivers will be classified into one of three S.N.A.I.L. Driver Statuses, full time active, part time active, and inactive. Drivers will be reclassified at the end of each monthly season of S.N.A.I.L.

    Any driver who has raced in more than half of the Sunday night events available to them will be considered full time active for the following season. i.e. 1 of 1, 2 of 2, 2 of 3, 3 of 3, 3 of 4, or 4 of 4.
    Any driver who has raced in half or less of the Sunday night events available to them will be considered part time active for the following season. i.e. 1 of 2, 1 of 3, 1 of 4, 2 of 4.

    Any driver who does not participate in any Sunday night events for two full seasons will be moved to the inactive list.

    Any new driver who joins in the middle of a season will be considered full time active for the initial season and then evaluated using the above criteria for each subsequent season.

    Any driver who, during a monthly season, misses enough nights that they can not reach full time active status for the following month may be moved to part time active status mid-month. i.e. driver A misses the first two nights of racing. Driver A could be moved to part time active status for the remained of that month if space is needed for full time drivers.

    Any part time active driver who races in the first three Sunday night events in a month will be moved to full time active status for the fourth race of the monthly season.

    Any driver who is currently considered to be inactive may become active at any time by following the procedure to join that is in the first post of the main thread.

    *Note: Any driver that has been banned from SNAIL Sunday night racing, either by the stewards or by the BoD, is not considered to be a member of SNAIL in any capacity.

    In the event that any division reaches capacity on a Sunday night, full time active drivers will have priority over any other classification of driver for filling spots on the grid during Sunday night races. Part time active drivers will be listed in order of priority for racing on Sunday night. This will be done in advance of Sunday night and updated on the drivers list (or posted in the thread) so that all division directors and drivers can see it.

    This list will be ordered using the following criteria:
    1. Most to least amount of points scored in the current season. If tied move on to
    2. Most to least points scored in the previous season.

    If a room reaches capacity and a part time driver in that division wishes to race, they may move up one division and race that night.

    New Driver Placement Scheduling
    Promotion and Relegation Scheduling

    All drivers that submit a time trial before 23:59 ET on Saturday night will be placed in a division for racing on that Sunday. This may occur as late at Sunday afternoon but it will be done in time for Sunday night racing.

    Every effort will be made to have promotion and relegation completed by the Friday night before the start of the new season. When there is a high number of new drivers in the registration process, promotion and relegation may be delayed and announced after the Saturday deadline for new driver time trials.
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