Snail Division 2 - December 2021 Season

United States
Fort Worth/Texas
Host: @racingchamp30
Backup Host:

Opens and Manages the lobbies including race start times.

Scorekeeper: @CANOWORMS1
Backup Scorekeeper:

Live scoring, updating the score sheet after each race.

Replay Uploader: @racingchamp30
Backup Replay Uploader: @Fudman420

Upload race replays. Deadline to upload is 8PM EST. (If replays are not uploaded by then, we are subject to lose prizes for that week)

Data Specialist: @Akzl298
Backup Data Specialist:

Enter race details, stats post race and post them to the main thread.

Backup Texter:

Post pertinent messages in the lobby. Also post messages to any non-Snails that join the lobby.

@Rob Brown
@JLBowler (HON)
@basswerks1 (NEP)
@Kakalaylay (NEP)
@The Engineer
@TEX36 (HON)
@llNovall (HON)
@nmcp1 (HON)
@MajorBlixem (HON)
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United States
I can upload replays tonight since I'll be there and I'd volunteer to do it if I make it but I haven't made a full month in quite a while.