SNAIL Division 2 September 2022 Season Thread

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Welcome to the September 2022 SNAIL Division 2 thread!

Division Manager: @Skills

Host: @Skills
Backup Host:

Opens and Manages the lobbies including race start times.

Backup Scorekeeper: @Skills

Live scoring, updating the score sheet after each race.

Replay Uploader: @Chiochansan
Backup Replay Uploader:

Upload race replays. Deadline to upload is 8PM EST. (If replays are not uploaded by then, we are subject to lose prizes for that week)

Data Specialist: @CANOWORMS1
Backup Data Specialist:

Enter race details, stats post race and post them to the main thread.

Backup Data Texter:

Post pertinent messages in the lobby. Also post messages to any non-Snails that join the lobby.

Division 2 Active Drivers in Grid List order:
@JLBowler (HON)
@Alex carlos (NEP)

Volunteers needed: Please let me know which duties you can fill this month
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Well that was a barn burner of a night of racing on Sunday Sep 25. It was good to see @JamCar0ne again, and I'm glad he hadn't practiced much as he was killer fast. There were tight battles up and down the field, 4 way fights for 1st, 5 car battles for 3rd. Photo finishes everywhere. Tight clean racing with some inevitable touching and where that led to an advantage, concession was made. My personal highlight was being involved in a 4 car battle for the lead in R3R2 for the entire race with the 1st three finishers separated by just 0.8 seconds. Bummer of a last corner @FCB-Rizla-TML 😂🤣 Way to hang on to the win @Track_King47. My vote for most improved driver goes to @cesarr64, Most consistent @Chiochansan. Best host @Skills.
Last Sunday in the party chat there was a discussion about rigs. (I'm not good with matching voices to people, so I'm not sure who was in the market) This was my rig 2 1/2 years ago.


I had recently bought The CSL Elite with LC brake pedal. After a discussion in Snail about LC pressure levels (I was at 30 out of 100) I eventually upped the pressure to 100/100. This caused excessive flex in the chair back. Fixed with cargo tie-down straps. Which then caused the pedal tray to flex. Fixed with stick.

Then I fixed it all with this:

It's a TraK Racer TR8, and looks great and is very rigid. I'm hard on rigs; heavy brake pedal and I've discovered in the heat of the moment I like to reef up and down on the wheel...alot. However, it wasn't a perfect fit for me at 5'6". I was able to get the pedal to seat distance correct when I set the seat and pedal tray to minimum (maximum?) positions. But, I did have to raise the seat 2 1/2" so I could see over the wheel. I couldn't lower the wheel in the rig any further. The frame was also pre drilled to accept castors which makes rolling it around to watch TV a breeze.

In hind sight I should have bought one of the rigs using aluminum extrusions, the ones with all right angles. To my eye I think they would be more adjustable and can be very rigid. At the time they were more money and I was already pushing the $ limit. Don't ask the shipping cost from Toronto to Vancouver in a pandemic.

See ya later tonight.