So confused I'm giving up before I get started.... Noob HELP!

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Hey All

I'm hoping some folks can help in my quest just to get started. I WAS thinking about PC and iracing and all that but as an old guy with VERY limited tech skills I have to admit I'm finding the whole thing, (what equipment to buy pc spec etc) very very confusing and I'm honestly about to give up!

There is SO much information out there I realise, but that's part of the problem, there's too much I get information overload...

I think I want to go Gran Turismo Sport now... with a PS4 because it might simply just be easier for me to get started. I thought forget PC's and all the stuff I'll just get PS4pro and get going, maybe!?

Then I realised all the stuff I'd been looking at single screen or triples (OMG! gave up on just the idea of the latter, i'd never figure that out!) then hey just get a samsung ultrawide type screen, it's very expensive but it looks great ans most importantly EASIER! Now I realise ultrawides don't work with consoles!!?? Argghhh! So I gave up on that...

Anyway I'll stop whining and ask a question, please help if you can, much appreciated.

Best TV (or monitor??) for GTSport? Budget £400-500 (uk)

So now I've been reading here for example about TV's but once I start reading the debate(s) it just makes my head spin and I end up even more confused, now I have no effing idea what to get!

I THINK I've sussed out the other gear I want e.g. wheel, (i was going to go G27 but cant find one in the UK so might have to go UP to fanatec csl elite...) pedals (cheapest loadcell I can get, been told thrustmaster but can't get those either so might have to go up to fanatec too to get loadcell?) I'm going home made 'rig' route i.e. a desk or one of the 2x4 wood plans that are out there (that bit of tech I can manage!)

So the TV question is the main one now I guess guys? ANY advice? Good TV for GTSport £400-500??

FYI, I'm 56 years old, used to race real cars at a pretty decent level (Formula Ford, Formula 3 etc) and spent years as driver coach. Totally out of the game now though (except a bit of low level dirt bike racing) and just fancied some sim action... The tech is driving me crazy though, even the research itself makes my head hurt, I guess I'm a bit dumber than I realised... anyway folks ANY help appreciated.

Stay safe all


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You’re overthinking it, just grab GT Sport and a normal PS4 and have some fun! You can learn as you go, it’s a great game!

Welcome to GT Planet! :gtpflag:

A load cell isn’t necessary for GT Sport either, a T300 GT Edition is perfect for starting out. 👍
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You’re overthinking it, just grab GT Sport and a normal PS4 and have some fun! You can learn as you go, it’s a great game!

Welcome to GT Planet! :gtpflag:

A load cell isn’t necessary for GT Sport either, a T300 GT Edition is perfect for starting out. 👍
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I play GT Sport on two different TVs depending where my console is - one is a large flat screen, many years old, relatively low Res, and one is a very small flat screen I bought from the Tesco Value range for 70 quid years ago.

I don't find the TV has a huge influence on how fun the game is. I play on Dualshock 4 and love the game. Don't overthink it - I come from 0 circuit racing experience, minimal even in video games, and I'm only really disadvantaged by the lack of time I've put in relative to others, and bad habits from years of rally games (don't cut!)
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The Fanatec wheels and pedals are very good, but specifically for GT Sport, the Thrustmaster TGT has the benefit of dedicated dials for adjusting brake balance, fuel mix etc while driving. This can provide a significant competitive advantage in some scenarios. You can undoubtedly do okay with Logitech or the cheaper Thrustmaster equipment, but as far as I'm aware the TGT or Fanatec are the most common choices by the top players, because they are nicer to use.

A load cell isn't that great for GTS, by the way, because the game has a non-linear mapping of inputs. It seems designed for a normal pedal with a rubber stop at the end, where all the action is in the very last bit of movement where the rubber stop is. I'd recommend just the basic pedals if going Fanatec, or if you really want a load cell, I'd consider the v3 pedals to get the hall effect pedals rather than potentiometers, for greater long term reliability. The potentiometers in my Fanatec pedals are a bit on the noisy side, the inputs shown on screen can fluctuate a bit with partial inputs, the v3 pedals would be better for this.

For the screen, I'd get a gaming monitor rather than a TV. Even a TV with gaming mode can't compete with a proper gaming monitor, in my experience. Even a 27" monitor can be okay for GTS if you mount it close behind the wheel. I have one of these, and it's a lot nicer than the TV I was using before.
The faster than 60hz refresh rate isn't used, but the fact the screen can refresh faster gives it a clearer image at 60hz than my TV had. I'm not particularly recommending that model, as I bought it because it was very cheap at the time relative to similar monitors, it has since gone up in price a lot. This YouTube channel does a lot of good comparative tests:
If you're not tech savvy, just get a PS4Pro for GT Sport, an entry level Thrustmaster (TS150 works good enough), a decent screen like before mentioned 27" monitors close up, and see if you can like the semi sim race gaming experience in the first place.

IMO, there's no need for load cell pedals for GT Sport at all, since you don't have to bother with brake wear, temperatures and that sort of thing anyway. If you want some sort of pressure on the brake pedal, just stuff a soft rubber block in it to simulate any pedal pressure.


First and foremost - 56 is NOT old!!! If you make it to 80 then, yeah, you can probably call yourself old! :)
As everyone else has said, there's no need to overthink this. Certainly higher-end stuff will give you a better experience, but you'll have massive fun on more affordable kit.
The TV I have for PS4 is around 10 years old - 1080p which gives fantastic graphics. Our "main" TV is 4k and I can't really tell the difference (but I do wear glasses!!). It is big though, and that helps the "immersion". Have a look at this, bet it's fantastic -,
....but I think you need the PS4 pro to run 4k. (don't worry the TV will work at 1080p too....).
I originally played Gran Turismo with a controller then moved up to a wheel and it made the whole experience far, far better. I'm now using a Thrustmaster 300RS which is "mid-range". Sure a Fanatec might feel nicer, but it probably won't make me any faster (for all that extra money).

My advice is to get what you can comfortably afford and if you get really into it, think about upgrades later on. Also, get GTS..... it's brilliant.
Hey All - I'm hoping some folks can help in my quest just to get started.

Hi Bobby - do you have a TV in your sitting room? If so, is there any reason why you can't get started with that? Just plug a PS4Pro into it, sit on the couch and start with the hand controller that comes with the PlayStation? That might be fine for a few weeks.

If you can game in the sitting room and after trying GTS with a controller from the comfort of your couch, decide that you want a wheel - perhaps get a Wheelstand Pro to match your wheel. That's the setup I've used for the last 10+ years - a sofa, an old 1080P TV screen and a Wheelstand Pro - it works just fine with a PS4Pro and GTS, AC, PC2, Dirt2, Wreckfest etc.

As others have said there is no need to over think this - I thought about a separate sim room with a rig, but quickly realised it wasn't necessary and was just extra expense - I already had a TV and a sofa so just added a wheel, a stand and a PS4 (originally a PS3).

Personally I recommend a Wheelstand Pro rather than a home built stand - I'm pretty handy and have tried that route, but homebuilt stands are not normally as adjustable or smart (wife acceptable) or as easy to fold up and transport etc. With the Wheelstand Pro you are able to get the exact wheel angle, height and depth to match any sofa or chair.

As an older guy (like myself) a modern, quality TV is probably not important for your gaming pleasure - my old eyes can't tell the difference. For sound - the PS4 is just plugged into a sound system, but you can use the TV speakers or headphones if you don't have a sound system.

Happy gaming, but you shouldn't need to spend a lot - you can always upgrade later - the time to upgrade is probably after the PS5 and the next batch of driving games have come out.
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Then I realised all the stuff I'd been looking at single screen or triples (OMG! gave up on just the idea of the latter, i'd never figure that out!) then hey just get a samsung ultrawide type screen, it's very expensive but it looks great ans most importantly EASIER!

Triple screen won't really work in GTS as consoles like the PS4 do not support them. Ultrawide are still supported but you will have black bands on either side as consoles only support up to 16:9, ultrawide are 21:9.

I have an LG curved ultrawide and when I play on PS4 still looks amazing but it doesn't go from one side to the other, just be aware of that if you are buying something just for console.
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I’m gonna say get a Fanatec csl elite PS4 with either csl load cell brake or clubsport pedals. The clubsport with no potentiometers look very reliable and well constructed.
Look to sim racing garage on you tube to get a good look what your money gets you.
Buy the biggest tv you can afford, and a set of wireless headphones.
I doubt someone with your background would get on without a load cell brake...
If you get into sim racing you will be set for other titles also but GTS will keep you occupied quite a while.
If you decide it’s not for you you can sell your wheel and pedals for very good money so minimal risk.
Cheers and good luck
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I recommend a 50" or 55" 4k with hdr
It really does look better on a ps4 pro
I heard tcl 6 series is great from costco for around 600$
The thrustmaster t300 gt edition is the best bang for your buck but im thinking about about going to the fanatec csl elite witht load cell add-on, its not that much more and has a bigger wheel and build quality is better
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If you want to know about tv's, look no further than here . You will find something in your price range that suits your needs. One thing I didn't see mentioned is input lag. You'll want a tv with a low number. This is the time it takes for your tv to detect when you do something with the controller. If you're going to get the PS4 Pro definitely get a 4k tv with HDR. The game is simply gorgeous with this combo.

As far as wheels go, whatever your budget can afford. The G29 is a decent starter wheel however in GTS the force feedback is pretty weak. A lot of people use the T300 as a step up from the Logitech. When my G29 messed up I went with the Fanatec CSL Elite with the loadcell pedals. I highly recommend this wheel as the build quality is top notch and the FF is sublime. The LC brake gives you a feel closer to what you experience in real life. As you raced IRL, this setup is the closest you'll find to the real thing. Unless of course you want to drop $1-2k on a direct drive wheel.
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I can thoroughly recommend Philips TV’s with ambilght, i thought it was a bit gimmicky but it’s quite immersive. I’ve had two, the first one fell over onto my wheel when I was fiddling with my bake pedal, the wheel cracked the screen.

the one replaced it with is a 4k 53” and cost me £400. It’s PVA rather than IPS but the picture quality is pretty good.
You can also make your house lights follow the Tv if you have the ambilight bridge.

This video is filmed in a dark room, the TV is projecting colours from the edge of the screen onto the wall. The colour match isn’t perfect but it’s not noticeable in your peripheral vision.
I feel your pain on the screen. I had to get one for my rig and wanted 4K for the PS5 but the response times are hidden inside indecipherable marketing fluff that's as clear as mud. Monitors are so much easier to evaluate and if the screen's only going to be used for gaming, they're probably the best tool for the job. The only downside is less screen real estate.

We ended up buying a 4K Toshiba 50U2963DB for £300 and got exactly what we paid for... Crap viewing angles and ghosting. The HDR to my inexperienced colour blind eyes looks great though.:dopey:

Ah well. Buy in haste, repent at leisure.
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It’s PVA rather than IPS but the picture quality is pretty good.
You're most likely better off with VA than IPS for gaming. It's not so much input lag as the poor transition speed on TVs that I don't like. High performance IPS panels are starting to appear in gaming monitors, but I doubt there's any IPS TVs at any reasonable price that can match the transition speed of a VA or TN gaming monitor. There's also the issue that PS5 will support 120hz, and I don't think there's any reasonably priced TVs that can take a 120hz input (if they claim they are 120hz, this is typically provided by interpolating a 60hz input).
Make sure you go for the PS4pro - because 4k

The entry level SONY Bravia's 4k TVs offer a good bang for the buck IMO.
Sony BRAVIA KD55XG70 or slightly smaller Sony BRAVIA KD49XG70

Wheel: Go for German engineering 'Fanatec CSL Elite PS4' with standard pedals.
Or entry level Trustmaster T300RS GT, if you can get it at around £250.