So I visited the real "Citta di Aria" track from GT4, as in i.r.l. (video inside)

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Long time Gran Turismo fans may know it. ;) The GT4 track "Citta di Aria" was running through the town Assisi. I just could not not visit it. Last week I was touring Italy, and so I had the chance to visit this AMAZING place.

The town itself is in the famous Tuscanny region and sits more or less on the top of a big hill/mounain, and you can look down on the entire valley, in which many little villages are located. One very, VERY, beautiful place all around. The town is like the "Mecca of the Catholics". It is full of elevation changes and the tightest alleys between old, beautiful architecture.

When we arrived there, I obviously wanted to drive around the GT4 track, but unfortunalty, that was not possible. Biggest parts of the track were only allowed to be entered by the residents of the town or people, who booked there hotels. So we had to go around the track by foot and so we did.

With the footage I could gain, I did a comparison video between the real thing and the game's track, enjoy!