So Many Cars The Best/Cheapest Ones?

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  1. I feel like there is so many cars at the dealership i can't even go through them all....any suggestions about the best cars for the cheapest price I'm talking 120,000 or less i know about the mines skylines from previous games...and thats what I'm looking for cars that i feel like I'm missing out on.
  2. pzkpfw


    The LCC Rocket and KTM X-Bow will get you very good performance out of the box for a decent price. And they're pretty fun to drive too.
  3. thank you any other suggestions maybe some special edition street cars or something nothin rocket ship looking for example mines skyline
  4. pzkpfw


    Well, you do get the High End Performance G37 as a prize care pretty early on in the game. I don't remember exactly where though.

  5. The Tommykaira ZZII is powerful, light and an absolute bargain at 60,000 Cr. You can then spend some upgrading it.

    Also, if you want the game to be a challenge, don't buy the LCC rocket. If any car could be described as 'OP', it'd be that.
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  6. andy0a

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    As ^ post, the ZZII is the best for money, G37, XBow, and Rocket are all prize cars so save your wallet there. GTR Black got me through many races as I did in GT5 and it still works fine in GT6 albeit with some understeer. If anything run the ZZII or GTR for most of the first 3-4 series, and when they throw in LMP cars go buy a Minolta.
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  7. pzkpfw


    Forgot the Crossbow and the Rocket are prize cars.
    Sorry if I mislead anyone.
  8. Awong124

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    You can use the Fit you're forced to buy at the beginning to enter and win most of the races all the way to IA.
  9. doctorandrew

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    the Monster Sport SX4 is an absolute monster that dominated every race in International A!

    Edit: oops it's definitely not under 120,000
  10. sid_chiclana

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    Any Toyota 86GT, Subaru BRZ or even Scion FRS will cost you around 30,000, so with the remaining credits, you can upgrade quite a few things.
    They will win you quite a few races, as they can compete with more powerful cars and enter quite a few events.
    Hope it helps! :D

    Yeah, only 1,480,000 out :lol:
  11. JEMcG

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    A guy the other night got a 9.00 at the ring in a 500pp sports soft tyre Lotus Esprit 350. That's the fastest I've seen online it GT6 so I reckon that lotus is a good buy at 125 or something.

    The fastest I've managed is 8.53 in a Ford RS200 500pp sports soft tyres, but offline with a running start and with warmed tyres.

    I did a test offline with the Lotus and then online and there was a near 10 second difference. Online seems to be slower or the timer is faster something. It was a fair test with the same condition set for each lap. Flying lap and warm tyres.
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  12. TheLazyDonkey

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    The Pontiac GTO 5.7l is 22,000 and gets to be 612pp with 912hp fully tuned.
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  13. GranTurismo916

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    The Camaro SS '10. Huge bang for your buck.
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  14. I got the Ford Focus (2010 I think) for the first races and it was a beast of a car.. but the Camaro SS is a beast as well for the price.
  15. HBR-Roadhog

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    There are tons of good cars in the game at low prices. All of the S2000s are really good for the money. The RX8s, RX7s, MX5s, Imprezzas, all cheap, all drive very well and do well on the track.

    In the muscle car arena the 67 Cougar XR7 is a beast, very light, plenty of power and drives very well, just need to put the custom tranny in it and bump the top speed up a bit. The Cudas are pretty good also as are the old Camaros
  17. I hope that is the 24hour track, because 9mins is a terrible time for 500pp SS.
  18. The Lancia Delta you win very early on can go a LONG way. I know I used it for at least 6 of these races...maybe all 8, thats pretty good mileage on a free car. This is for "A" license level, I think you win the Lancia at the end of "B" or maybe for half the stars in "A" For sure you can use it for 500 PP Clubman, Night Masters, Gornergrat League (that took some more power), Turbo Sports, 4wd Challenge, Festival Italia, Euro Hot Hatch and GT National Challenge. From what I remember it felt like cheating in quite a few of those races...4wd turbos usually do.

    Easily the best bang for the buck for me early in the game.
  19. All Your Base

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    The LCC Rocket you win at the first 3 races at Goodwood can last you the entire game.

    Also, the Genki Hyper Silvia DS2 is one hell of a car (if you tune the gearbox).
  20. JEMcG

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    Yes 24 hour sorry for tin confusion. We only do the 24 hour.
  21. Tommy Kaira ZZII is quite cheap but very good.
  22. Bowtie-muscle

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    Corvette Stingray C7, only 51k, think you will not be disappointed........And it wears a Bowtie!:sly:
  23. NavyJoker

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    The SRT ACR '08 is a reletively cheap car and with a few upgrades runs very well and sticks to pavement. I can't remember if its under $120,000 though. I am not near my PS3 to check.