So what racing game on PS4 resembles the good old arcade Sega Rally the most?

Title says it all.

Been playing GT Sport with a ff-wheel now and the rally tracks feel like the good old Sega Rally, but better. More realistic and better everything. Stoked about that.. But, only three tracks!! Granted there's the reverse tracks but that doesn't really count.

Since I got the wheel now and I like racing on gravel or snow way more than asphalt I'm thinking what game to get..

Judged by looking at youtube-videos GT Sport is possibly the one that resembles Sega Rally the most but if any other game has any of that vibe please let me know!
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  • Any of the WRC games available on the PS4
  • Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO
  • DiRT Rally
  • DiRT 4
All of these are at least decent from what I hear. I don't know whether you want a realistic experience or not. In addition, I haven't played any of those games.

@Scaff is quite knowledgeable about those games. He'll be able to break down your options further if you can only get one game.


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None of the currently batch really resemble Sega Rally, as they are more sim focused (GTS is poor in that regard).

However Gravel, which is due out in February looks to be the closest.

If however it's a full blown rally sim you are after, the in order.

SLRE > Dirt Rally / WRC 7 > Dirt 4.