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    Hey there to every single GTP member reading this,
    I really have no idea how big this thread is going to be but I will try to cover everything you may want to know.

    So first of all, I am GT Sport (you don't say?).
    My name is Harrys and I'm Greek!
    Some call me Marti. Some call me Martilied (from my Youtube channel) and some call me controller god:lol:

    I found GTPlanet back at 2016. End of 2016.
    Yeah, I was secretly sneaking into the articles about the upcoming GT Sport without being a member. Hehe:rolleyes:
    But one day, I was at the gym taking a small break and I really wanted to become a member and meet the GTP community. Aaand I did!
    I had now idea what is going on and I was worried I'd get banned for not knowing where to post the correct things. By the time I signed up my account, I started receiving notifications and messages like
    When are you coming?
    When's your release date?

    It was fun.
    I started coming back here to read every new article even though it wasn't related to Gran Turismo.
    Now I'm here every day and I love it.
    My newest achievement here? The premium subscription!

    The day I had my birthday and turned 6,my dad asked me: What would you think about a console to play games? Would you like to have a controller with joysticks?
    I asked him what's a joystick?
    He replied with the following action: He brought me a yellow box codenamed PS2.
    I was so curious, but soon I started to find out what everything was about to be. After a while we turned this slim black box on and sat on the sofa. Me, mum and dad.
    Suddenly, GT4 intro drops and I see a cinematic scene, an epic instrumental music and a Ford GT.
    I had said over 150 times: "THAT LOOKS SO REAL"
    Then I started learning everything and I have to say that my dad was a great teacher, but soon I started winning him! Yep now I understand that he could have been doing it because I was young, only to convince myself I was winning against him!
    Started playing with a controller and later asked a steering wheel from Santa. Sadly I didn't like it. The pads were not glued to the ground so I had to keep my left foot steady in order to hold them..
    Until today I'm playing with a controller.

    I used to play GTA V and Driveclub but left both after I got GT Sport.
    I was holding a lot of World Records and had a friendly rival in Driveclub. TRL_Lightning.

    I really love GTPlanet and I hope I stay here for years!

    Some more things about me:
    • I'm a Youtuber.
    • I'm an editor.
    • I have my own Discord server which is now the only active server related to Gran Turismo and motorsports. (Can I share the link?) I had share it in a new GT Sport thread but the thread got removed for advertising purposes.
    Hopefully, I found @Jordan in Discord and I'm grateful to have him as a member in the server!:bowdown:
    I would love to see GTPlanet members in there!
    We are over 350 members.

    If you read this, then you made it until the end!

    And a small last edit:
    Jordan, Famine, JohnyPenso, Racecar, ToyGTone, SlipZtrEm, Scaff along with some more names, are the names (nicknames basically) I will never forget in my life.
    Thanks for everything. Yes, even for the small warnings or double posts:lol:
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