Solution needed KEF X300AW with Amazon Music HD Music streaming service?

Hello folks. I have a problem. My KEF X300AW wireless speakers are old and discontinued now, but i have them hooked up through ethernet DLNA connected to my router. They still sound great.

I have a HDD connected to my router and my router is a local Music Server for all my old downloaded music from various sources.

I use Bubbleupnp and it can stream music fine to my Speakers from my local Music Server router.

But since Bubbleupnp supports Spotify and Tidal and i no longer have a Spotify or Tidal subscription.

Reason is because me and my family recently purchased 4 Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen devices. So we went ahead with Amazons Music HD unlimited HD and ULTRA HD subscription and a family plan.

The problem. I can not find a way to get Amazon Music playback to my X300AW.! Help ? Please ?

I also have Yamaha NX-N500 network powered Active Monitor speakers. Amazon Alexa app and Amazons Music App works with those speakers fine and they still work with Bubbleupnp for my local Music Server.

Soo the problem is trying to find a way to get the music to my KEF speakers! :(


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They have a 3.5mm input, right? You could use an Amazon Echo device as they have a 3.5mm out, might not be wireless but should be small enough to hide somewhere, right?