Some ideas for stats that could be listed on Kudosprime.

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-When viewing one's profile, would it potentially be possible to view their regional ranking for a current event? I know that at the moment, the ranking is only displayed for events that are no longer in rotation.

-On that same note, could it be possible to see a player's ranking not only for their region, but also some of the more specific levels? For example, their nation, their state, and their local county.

-Similarly, I am wondering if these same filters could be applied when viewing the broader rankings for a given daily race qualifying board.

-Are the rankings from the new Time Trials being added, too? And if so, do you think those filters would also be a good idea? I know that in-game, they show the world, and your ranking within the world's rankings, but I think it'd be real neat if one could get those more specific rankings, too.

-What about car usage stats? Would it be feasible to show what car were being used by each driver when their best times were set? There could also be a machine ranking board, where the best times for each eligible model is displayed, complete with how much each time differs in percentage, a bit like how K' Speed Score is calculated for player profiles.
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