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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 4' started by Powerbouwer, Sep 15, 2001.

  1. Powerbouwer


    * More Lap-info (espescially for endurance)
    - how many laps/minutes/secs am I behind/in front ?
    - Am I racing faster/slower compared to my fastest time per section instead of just showing the section time
    - Showing the race position of every car directly on screen and replace the yellow dots by this number
    - Oil on track after a crash
    - Refueling
    - Animated pits (pit-crew etc...)

    * Free ride in the cities (ex. Seattle, Tokyo) or a kind of a 3d-birdview of the cities just for fun...

    * Mirrored tracks in addition to reverse tracks
    * whether conditions (snow,ice,rain)

    * tracks with optional short-cuts (wich are more difficult so you can gamble to take it or not)

    * more tracks...
  2. Powerbouwer


    forgot some another things:

    * ability to "quick-tune" your car. This option would buy you all the best power-ups the car can take, so you don't hav to walk through the different tune-ups menus...

    * ability to reset the car-settings to the factory-default

    * free run on all tracks

    * six cars on rally racing

    * ability to save your best lap on races (especially at endurances)

    * ability to let your ghost also participate during races (keeps you from getting bored during endurance races and will improve you skills).