Some technical questions on improving my stream quality.PS4 

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Context: I don't use a capture card (like an El Gato) to record or stream stuff. I use the built-in features of the PS4, specifically its Twitch integration. I am also not using a PS4 Pro.

To use an example, for an online race in GTS, I was streaming to Twitch, and I exported the resulting race to YouTube, as one can view here. More specifically, I was using the quality setting where it's 720p/60fps. I hypothesize that this is why sometimes it gets seriously pixelated on the stream. I don't think I'm using a wired internet connection via an ethernet cable, either.

I could record natively to the PS4 without streaming, but it can only record for up to one hour, and I'm afraid if I have a play session that lasts for over an hour, I may not end up recording something neat, such as if I was in a longer endurance race, or if it was a longer play session made up of multiple matches, and I wanted to trim one match out that was especially fun.

If I wanted to stream online gameplay, such as in Gran Turismo, Ace Combat 7, or some other game, I wanted to see what settings you'd recommend, as far as the PS4 streaming settings go. I was thinking that for that, I'd move from 720p/60fps to maybe just 720p, or even 520p, so that the quality would stay more consistent. Meanwhile, I was thinking the 720p/60fps option could be enabled for off-line play, such as a campaign or story mode. What would you necessarily recommend, here?