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  1. Galaxander96


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    Hey guys, long time no see.

    I know this might sound like complaining and such, but please hear me out on this one.

    So, after the end of the end of the final season in early September, I was so burned out I haven't even touched my PS4 in nearly 2 months. I was finding GT Sport so stressful in the latter stages as I desperately fought with blood, sweat and tears (quite literally) to get as high up the leaderboards as I could. Unfortunately I only ranked a miserable 302nd in the US. 3rd in Arkansas, was number 1 in Arkansas for half the season, but none of that amounted to much in the end, it seems. I became demotivated soon after the season ended as I knew I had no chance at the live finals.

    Fast forward 2 months later, I'm trying to get back on the grind again, rusty as i would be from a 2 month break from GTS I'm now seeking advice as to how I can improve and hopefully get on the level of the best. I tried so freaking hard and felt there is someone that knows more about this than I do, and I just want to talk about it.

    Lastly, if this thread is not worth it, I won't hesitate to delete this post.

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  2. PirovacBoy


    Hey Man, first of all I want to say that there is no need to feel bad being 302nd. I assume there were definitely a lot more behind you than in front of you ;)

    I stopped playing GTS after the end of the 2nd Exhibition Season.
    My first experience with these FIA Seasons started during the final Official FIA Season which i finished 79th in EMEA Region, 3rd for Ferrari.
    After that I drove the first two Exhibition Seasons which I finished 45th, 2nd for Ferrari and 37th,1st for Ferrari.

    My advice to you is to just keep practicing that’s the only thing that‘ll make you better. It’s only about practice, anyone can get amongst the Top100 :)
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  3. chaseter


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    Way better than me. Just keep doing it.
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  4. WheelmanSteve


    Race because it's fun, and because you want to. If I focused on my DR or some ranking number, I'd need therapy. There are plenty of days I log in, run a couple of laps and realize I'm just not feeling it. When that happens, do something else.
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  5. Shottah072


    Do u drive with a wheel or with a controller ?

    Practice is key, as @PirovacBoy said, but on top of that a good understanding of driving techniques and physics can really help. Scott Mansell has a YouTube channel where he goes in depth on allot of aspects of driving. Check out his channel sometimes.

    These videos of him are about weight transfer and trail braking. Two key things one must know, understand and master to be able to put in fast laps.

  6. Galaxander96


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    That's exactly what I was doing, I really wanted to get a good result. Back in January I envisioned myself in serious contention for an overall win in North America, but I was never even close in the end.

    I believe I really have it in me to win, I really do, but it feels like I had nothing to show for it. I strongly believe that my true potential has not been witnessed yet. Here's to hoping for next year to be even better. :D
  7. Groundfish



    Good book for anyone who has interest. Accurate info.
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  8. RA1784


    Dont focus on results. Focus on driving. Racing isnt about winning. Its about improving yourself from corner to corner

    Edit: ...and sometimes magic happens
  9. Bethany Dawn

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    Just throwing in my two cents. I think a lot of the points for the seasons depends on nothing but pure luck. For instance who was in your lobby? Was there any drivers that were higher ranking than you? If so those races gave out more points than a race with lower ranked drivers. If not even though you might have won, you would get less points than coming in third in a harder lobby.
  10. JayRS200


    Having a 2 month break is a good positive thing. Especially when you can't take it that people are better than you.
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  11. ARTAsean

    ARTAsean (Banned)

    You remind me of that kid in middle school that had an emotional meltdown for getting an A- instead of an A+, while everyone else got a B and thought you were a huge ****.
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