something ya been lookin 4 a long time

Discussion in 'Hybriding' started by J-fRO, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. J-fRO


    I been lookin on websites lookin 4 a way 2 get the 7 gear finally some1 found a way to get the seven transmission at this web site i hope ya like it and i'm also new her.anyway here it is

    and a nother thing u have 2 beg him 2 get more info i think and if any1 beg him please be kind enough to post it her so every1 will know and no will be left OUT.
  2. MazKid

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    big woopdydoda, change the trans to another cars, reverse becomes forward, then it's a matter of just changing reverse to get the right speeds, so easy. On my Porsche, reverse is like an overdrive, you're in fifth, shift to 6th, and then you can hit reverse and it's a little above fifth, so you can get a little more power.

    I've known this since I got my Porsche, that was like a month and a half ago. I feel smart now thankyou...:)
  3. Heydu


    I went in a different direction with this, litterally. Changed the values for all the gears so I had 1 speed forward and 6 reverse. My CL600 does 360mph backwards. Impossible to drive though, but it's fun to watch the replays.
  4. MazKid

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    Dang, that's fast backwards! My CL600 has the Zonda C12S V12, and other parts. about 2000hp, runs great and fun to drive.
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    Welcome to GTP!!!
    hope you like it here bro...
  6. Angel O'Death

    Angel O'Death

    after i won the esperante for TT, i went to take it for some runs on complex string. and guess wut? when i tried to go reverse i went forward! it was like an extra gear. well, really it was more like another 6th gear as my top speed didn't change or anything. but i thought it was cool just the same :) i havn't run it to see if it still does it, i'l check on it though. and i didn't hybrid it or anything. just came like that. weird.