spa circuit experience full lap gold - tips??

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Hi guys, I've done 360 miles trying to get gold on full lap at Spa during circuit experience. Been really driving me crazy, but I think I can do it with a little more work. I'm about half second off the gold time. Anyone got any tips to help shave off some time? I'm running 0 TC and 0 brake balance, using a controller. Thanks in advacne - much appreciated.
It’s hard to say but focus on getting a good exit on la rouge and the right corner before the last straight. A good exit on those two sections is more than enough to get half a second faster.
A good exit out of la source, the first corner, is one of the most critical parts for a good lap at Spa.
it’s been a while, there’s a bit of time to be had by staying tight through bruxelles and a clean fast run through poulhon
So if we're really talking about track experience here and not S-10, then unfortunately I don't quite understand the issue.

The Porsche is probably the most stable and easy to drive Gr3 vehicle. Unfortunately, the last patch gave the car a little more UNDERSTEER when accelerating into corners, but it's still very easy to drive.

Tcs and other assistants are absolutely NOT needed on this car and should therefore be disabled. You can enter curves at very high speeds and then steer the car very well using the accelerator pedal... you need less curve radius... just accelerate... you have to take the curve tighter, just a little less accelerator pedal and the car is already standing silky smooth one.

Important for the RSR in my opinion.. a good exit, since the Porsche lacks a bit of power, the exit on the long straight sections is important.
Watching the demonstration lap can be very helpful, there you can see the racing line, breaking points and how much throttle and brake you can apply on specific corners. It's the closest we can get to a telemetry.

From the top of my mind, I can remember that the Porsche RSR is very good at taking corners, you can carry more speed than you think. For reference, there is a map of the circuit at the end of my reply, here is my guided lap:

Coming from the start/finish line, break down to 2nd gear righ before the 100 m board to take turn 1, you can do it in 1st gear, but 2nd gear keeps the car more stable. Go deep on the right side at the entrance and left side at the exit of the corner, the track is very wide in this section, so use it to your advantage.

Eau Rouge can be taken with gentle throttle lift at around 240 km/h, you don't have to break. By doing it, you can carry a lot of speed through Radillion and the Kemmel Straight.

For turn 5, you can break hard at the 100m board, go down to 3rd gear and hold your speed through turns 5 and 6. After turn 6 you can get a little more speed to do turn 7, which can be done in 4th gear.

After turn 7 you will go full throttle downhill, break hard at the 100m board down to 2nd gear, Bruxelles is a long corner, you have to be patient and keep the inside line.

Following Bruxelles is a small straight, you can go to 4th gear there, and than break to 3rd gear to take turn 9. Use the curbs on the right side while exiting the corner.

Turn 9 ends on a long straight, take it with open throttle all the way to 6th gear, right before the 50 meter board break hard to 4th gear. After the first apex, at turn 10, you have speed and downforce enough to go full thottle through the second apex, at turn 11. You have to be careful with the racing line and weight transfer of the car, Double Gauche is a challenging sector.

Turns 12, 13 and 14 are like a scaled up version of turns 5, 6 and 7. Right before the 50m board break to 3rd gear to take turn 12. You can accelerate and gain more speed in the middle of turn 12, and take turn 13 in 4th gear, use the curbs (right side) on the exit.

Turn 14 can be taken in 3rd gear, use a lot of the curbs in this section. Paul Frère can be done with a very short throttle lift, be careful not to atack the left side curbs exiting turn 15, they can make the car unstable and ruin your lap.

Go flatout through turn 16. Blanchimont is another challenging turn, you are at very high speeds coming to it, about 280 km/h. You don't have to break to take this corner, it's all about the racing line, a throttle lift is enough. Turn 17 can be done at 260 km/h.

There is a chicane at the end of the lap, coming full throtlle from turn 17, break hard between the 150 m and the 100 m boards, down to 2nd gear to take the right hander. Go deep on the right side curb. Reduce to 1st gear to take the left hander, use the right side curb exiting the corner, be gentle with the throttle to not spin around and you're done!

That's all I can remember, this is one of my favorite tracks! As I said before, watch the demonstration lap for a full understanding, enjoy it!

Maybe because I've done so many laps of Spa but I golded the full lap on my second attempt. I have a video of it on my YouTube if that would help? Not sure if I'm allowed to post it here?

La source is key as you use all that speed down to Eau Rouge and you can keep most of it through there as well.

As others have said watch the demonstrator. I usually put the demo ghost on +0.5 seconds so you're not getting your view too obscured. Easy to see where you're losing out then.
Post update 1.13 Eau Rouge and Blanchimont can be done flat out, but you need a good line through ER, and it can still be hairy on exit.
I'm not a huge fan of Spa or Porsche, so I put this one off for a while, but then was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was able to gold it. I'm on ps4 using a controller, no aids for this one, other than the default ABS.

I've been doing CEs for my daily marathon, since I spend most of my time in the livery editor, so I look at mileage a lot when doing these. I remember this one taking only 70 miles or so to gold.

Did Nurb GP the other day, all gold in 25 miles. Had to run another lap to get the daily done.
Maybe because I've done so many laps of Spa but I golded the full lap on my second attempt
Same here. I've been playing on that track so much over the years (mostly in Forza Motorsport) so it came natural to me. I golded sectors and full lap on first attempt. I found Spa to be one of, if not the, easiest circuit experience, after the infamous ovals & co.

There are a lot of other tracks that I also know very well, but I can't gold all sectors and lap (see the first sector of Suzuka, and Catalunya...but here it depends of that horrific unbalanced lambo)

The difficulty of the tracks is so uneven.
It's tough to say without seeing a lap. I would study the demo lap to see where you are losing time. Perhaps time to redo the sectors and see if you can tell which sector is most troublesome? You should be pretty comfortable on each by now.
I know Spa well and like it a lot, so I had no issues.
In addition to the good advice above I would add: make sure you learn the right braking markers at the end of the straights, so you can break with confidence at the right moment. I find Spa has excellent braking markers.
Catalunya...but here it depends of that horrific unbalanced lambo

Well, I got along well with this car before 1.13, but now... it drives really well... You just have to be careful with the brakes and abrupt gas pedal lift. The rear axle grip is enormous and at the same time it is very agile AND its cornering speed is mega.